Twisted Season 1 Review “PSA de Resistance”

After getting off to a great start in terms of mystery and intrigue, this third episode of Twisted, ‘PSA de Resistance’, is light on the revelations and heavy on the high school drama. In order to make things better for Danny and determine where everyone was the night Regina died, Jo and Rico decide to start participating a little more at school while Danny attempts to wiggle his way back into Lacey’s good graces. Along the way, Jo decides that she prefers the girl who takes part to the girl who hides away.

I have my suspicions about Rico, and this week we got to see more of him and his relationship with Jo. With their cosy booth at the diner and their joint dedication to their studies, there’s certainly room for a little jealousy when it comes to Danny’s return and invasion of their little duo and, judging by his and Jo’s little tiff in this episode, I predict more fireworks to come. If we’re taking Pretty Little Liars as a guide, then Rico is our Lucas/Mona to Jo’s Hanna.

But I’m still really unsure about Danny himself, with Archie’s various verbal attacks had some truth in them. It’s fascinating to watch him manipulate the people around him for his own ends, not least when he commandeers an entire anti-drinking assembly in order to win back Lacey’s friendship. It doesn’t work out for him, but it definitely won’t stop there. We still have little clue whether he’s guilty of Regina’s murder, but his lies are so convincing that it’s going to take a lot of evidence to figure it out.

The police are closing in on Danny, however, as the secret of the necklace is getting more and more complicated. Now we know that Tara’s necklace was in her purse when she died, but not whether or not the two necklaces are the same. Danny has told his mother that he doesn’t know the whereabouts of Regina’s necklace, but we know that’s not true. How long is it until the cops get a warrant to search his room? And will he be able to hide the evidence before they get there

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