Switched at Birth Season 2 Review “The Good Samaritan”


He’s usually a bit player alongside the dominant women on the show, but this week’s Switched at Birth was firmly focused on Toby Kennish. His problems are arguably worse than anyone’s in ‘The Good Samaritan’ and, despite getting the manager’s job at the car wash and heading towards wedded bliss, the teenage issues of those around him are starting to look really, really small.

We all thought it when Toby and Nikki got engaged, and it’s still the widely held opinion that the couple are mad to be getting married. They have no money and barely know each other, and the two issues are only magnified and aggravated by the pressures of planning a wedding.

At 18, Toby has already given up on his dreams to get a record deal along with going to college, and even his new 9-5 manager’s position doesn’t offer him enough cash to ease the pressure. When he starts selling his musical equipment, Bay steps in a questions whether marrying Nikki is what her brother really wants.

Another person with slightly unreasonable expectations is Angelo, who throws a fit when his image of the perfect family is ruined a little by Bay and Regina’s behavior. They’re messy and stroppy sometimes, and it’s clear that Angela had something a little different in mind.

How he thought he’d be able to raise an infant alone is beyond me, but at least now Regina has set him straight on a few things about taking care of a teenage girl. The dishes aren’t always going to get done, and that’s going to have to be OK. I really hope this living arrangement continues, as there seems to be endless storylines to squeeze from the situation.

Daphne is the only person actively striving to enjoy her summer, as the problems with her mom are weighing on her mind more than she’d like. Basically, she’s jealous of Bay’s budding relationship with the woman who raised her for sixteen years and, as Bay later says, “welcome to my world.”

It’s about time Daphne realized that what goes for her also goes for Bay, and it was lovely to see that finally sink in. Now Bay and Daphne can start repairing their own sisterly relationship, gossiping about the latter’s new love interest, Jace, and giggling about how his British accent looks to a deaf person.

What did you think of the episode? Will Toby and Nikki call of the wedding? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.