Supernatural Chat: Will the Ghostfacers Return in Season 9?

Supernatural - Ghostfacers

Hey there, Supernatural fans! I wanted to talk a bit about the Ghostfacers in this installment of Supernatural Chat since there was a bit of a kerfuffle about them earlier this month. Have no idea what kerfuffle I’m talking about? Here’s the breakdown.

The infamous tweets

A.J. Buckley (aka Ed Zeddmore of the Ghostfacers) got all excited and tweeted: “#GhostFacers back S9 #SPN.” Needless to say that got the fandom in an uproar and of course the poor guy was inundated with tweets asking for details on the return of our second-favorite ghost-hunting team. That’s when Buckley did some quick backpedaling and tweeted: “I was putting it out into the universe as are all of you …. ED and HARRY have unfinished biz. fingers and toes crossed @westerspace #SPN9,”

One fan even went so far as to check with producer Jim Michaels about the return of the Ghostfacers and got this reply: “We never disclose any info about a new season Arc before it is time.”

Will the Ghostfacers be back in season 9?

What does this all mean? Well, if you look at this whole thing from the tweets alone, it could appear that there’s no chance that we’ll see Ed and Harry back again on Supernatural; that Buckley’s tweets were just hopeful thinking and no one is in fact planning to bring them back.

But if you turn your head and squint a bit, I think you can see a way that it is possible the ‘Facers will return. It’s possible that Buckley was shown a script or received a phone call from the folks at Supernatural to ask if he would be interested in returning to the show. It’s then possible that he jumped the gun and made the announcement before he should have and was quickly told to change his story. And if you really look at it, Michaels’ tweet wasn’t a definite “no,” it simply said they wouldn’t discuss a new season Arc before its time – which could suggest that the Ghostfacers are returning but no one is ready to talk about it yet.

Do the fans want to see the Ghostfacers in Supernatural season 9?

Now that we can legitimately see the story both ways – either for or against a return of the Ghostfacers in season 9, the question becomes: do we want them back? I seriously loves me Ghostfacers and would be ecstatic to see them on the show again. Season 3’s “Ghostfacers” is one of my favorite episodes of the series and I watched every one of their online episodes, too.

But I also know that there are many in the fandom that think the Ghostfacers are characters they don’t ever need to see again on the show. As much as I loved their episodes, there are plenty of people who hated them.

So I throw it out to you guys and ask: do you want to see the Ghostfacers back again in Supernatural season 9 or do you think their story is done and we should move on to other characters? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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