True Blood Season 6 “The Sun” Review

This week’s episode of True Blood continued with the public service announcement courtesy of Jason Stackhouse – don’t get in cars with strangers! You know, a fairy grandfather would be a logical explanation for how Jason has managed to survive into adulthood despite his penchant for poor judgment. After years of supernatural interactions, including a gross encounter with some werepanthers I wish I could forget, you’d think that Jason would know that he needs more than a gun to fight off Warlow.

You know what brings me more joy than Pam and Tara? A family reunion with Pam, Tara and Eric. Oh yeah, Nora too. For fans of The Walking Dead, I’d like to pose a question – what the hell is up with governors (or self-proclaimed governors)?

So the humans have developed a bullet that is sure to lead to the demise of many vampires. Despite being tied up with the destruction of Billith, Eric decided that he will accept the humans’ invitation to war. If it were me, the first thing I’d do is go out and make more vampires, but oh well.

Bill traveled to “no place” courtesy of the bloody, naked women. I’d like to restate my objection to having to see these women on a weekly basis. I’ve no objection to nudity, but I can do without the blood. Please and thank you! Evidently Billith can feel the pain and suffering of vampires everywhere. He can also completely drain a human of their blood without landing a single bite. Interesting, scary and pretty gross.

Speaking of people I thought we were rid of, the widow of Patrick (Scott Foley) showed up this week. As much as I love me some Scott Foley, I don’t want to see or hear about Patrick or that damn smoke monster.

Nicole and her “international” band of utopians showed up in Bon Temps this week and tried to urge Sam to stop being a closeted shifter. I don’t know what Nicole’s angle is, but here’s hoping that Sam: (1) doesn’t sleep with her and (2) hesitates to trust her. Nicole could actually be a good person but I can’t ignore Sam’s horrible luck with women.

Other observations and favorite moments:

– “Organic means you play the fancy piano at church.” – Arlene

– The image of Lafayette playing with Emma.

– “Human Edibles, we’re tasty.” What a brilliant idea!

– I didn’t mention this in last week’s review, but I love how Billith has tricked out his mansion in a way that allows him to stay awake during the day.

– Just as I was wondering if Ben had been to the freaky fairy club, we saw Andy and his rapidly aging girls searching for the secret passageway to the fairy land.

– Is Warlow disguised as Ben?

– Why must every eligible bachelor in Bon Temps attempt to court Sookie Stackhouse? Perhaps Sookie should check out Jason’s public service video on stranger danger.

– I can’t believe the humans have come up with a defense against being glamored! Too bad you didn’t know that vampires can fly and I have no idea how the humans will deal with “That’s so Billith” and his ability to see the future.

– I love so much that Lafayette was watching Chopped on The Food Network. I love that show too, LaLa. How long before Luna comes back from the great beyond to check in on Sam and Emma.

– I knew Martha would come looking for Emma.

– Who is this loudmouthed, sidekick wolf hanging on to Alcide? How soon can I look forward to her death? Thanks in advance.

– Gestapos. Camps. Where are we going with this, True Blood?

– My heart sank a little for Jason as he learned the fairy gene skipped him. Poor Jason. It’s totally fine to be a bighearted, somewhat dimwitted human. I still love you.

– Jessica, it might be time to figure out where to draw the line between loyalty to your maker and insanity for still hanging around Billith.

– Eric disguised as a reporter bears a striking resemblance to the actor Jimmi Simpson.

What did you think of this week’s episode of True Blood? Sound off below!