The TV Czar’s Emmy Ballot: Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Due to what I’m sure is a clerical error, the Television Academy has once again left me without an Emmy ballot. Preposterous I know, but I guess I’ll just have to wait for next year. However, that means you’re in luck for a treat for a long running article series! Starting today, I’ll present my fake Emmy ballots for the 10 major categories leading up to the actual nominations in mid-July. We’re going to start in the supporting categories. Which six women wowed me the most in supporting roles in comedy this season? Here are the nominees:

Julie Bowen, Modern Family

Modern Family Season 4 Episode 16 Bad Hair Day (8)

I haven’t been shy about firing shots at Modern Family, but Bowen’s performance as Claire was a complete 180 turnaround from last season. After being relegated to an overbearing shrew last season, Claire became a character capable of supplying humor through perfectly nice, non-toxic means. It proved that Julie Bowen is capable of great comedic work when she’s given really good material.

Christa Miller, Cougar Town

On every show, there is a character who does truly great, but ultimately thankless work. Just as she did for much of the run of Scrubs, Christa Miller has excelled at playing the snarky, dark character on the generally light-hearted Cougar Town. In a world constructed around group hangs and strangely upbeat characters, Miller plays the enjoyable contrast to the goofy exploits of the fun-loving members of the cast. She does get lots of fun lines (Change approved!), but her position as angry straight lady on cult comedies is cemented by her performance on Cougar Town.

Elisha Cuthbert, Happy Endings

Happy Endings Season 3 Deuce Babylove 2: Electric Babydeuce; Brothas & Sisters (18)

There probably isn’t a more game actress on television than Elisha Cuthbert. Her character on Happy Endings alternates between stupidity and ridiculousness, but Cuthbert is such a willing participant that her exploits are always enjoyable. The show itself can be hit and miss, but Cuthbert was the most consistent part of the ensemble. While we’ll all bemoan the loss of the show, we can rest comfortably knowing Cuthbert has cemented herself as a legitimate comedic star. Hopefully she can find the right vehicle for her mix of comedic timing, physical comedic skills, and can-do attitude because she definitely deserves it.

Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock

30 Rock Season 7 Episode 5 There's No I in America

I have very few absolute rules in life, but here’s one of them: Anytime an actor/actress bellows the word “My whole life is thunder!” with hysterical seriousness, they get an Emmy nomination. It’s a rule. In any event, with 30 Rock completing a terrific final season, recognition should be given to some of the players involved. While it’s tempting to call this nomination a Lifetime Achievement Award, Krakowski was exceptional during the final season of the show. Often times a problematic character, Jenna Maroney in the last two seasons found the right balance for her over-the-top behavior. When you couple that with the personal rule mentioned above, you have yourself an Emmy nominee.

Aubrey Plaza, Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 16 Partridge (2)

Though the Academy has never been interested in nomination supporting players from Parks and Recreation, that doesn’t that they haven’t had some deserving candidates. Aubrey Plaza is one such candidate. Her character development throughout the show’s 5 seasons has been really impressive. She never ceases to be funny, and she’s really improved at nailing the sweet moments. She’s been great at those moments, but she’ll always be at her best when she’s threatening to scoop out a man’s eyes with a melon baller.

Julie White, Go On

Go On (NBC) Episode 19 Go for the Gold Watch (4)

There are lots of other candidates that could go here, but Julie White deserves the slot. Even though her show, Go On, was cancelled, she got enough quality material to showcase a wide range of skills. She was outstanding as an emotional companion for Matthew Perry, and she played the role of snarky woman to a T. The show struggled to find quality material for the vast majority of its characters, but the show could always rely on White to deliver in any given episode. In a year with a relatively shallow field, White has done enough to merit a nomination.

Others receiving consideration: Anna Chlumsky, Eliza Coupe, Sofia Vergara, Hannah Simone, Merrit Wever, Alison Williams, Casey Wilson

Now it’s your turn? Who are your top six nominees?