The Returned Series 1 (Channel 4) Review “Julie”

After a full two weeks watching young Victor and waiting for him to answer all of our questions, we finally get an episode of The Returned focusing on his adoptive mother Julie. We also get our queries about last week’s final tease answered within the first few minutes – Julie was attacked by Serge and left for dead seven years ago, and he is now haunting her at every turn.

Now, we know Serge has indeed been resurrected, but whether he has made any contact with Julie is open for debate. The riddle that is Victor gets even more complicated in this episode as, after he ‘deals with’ Julie’s nosy neighbour, it appears as though she is attacked all over again. But the attack is not real, we can assume, as Serge’s form quickly becomes Victor’s, as he takes the murder weapon from Julie’s own hands. But with the murder of the neighbour, now being eaten by her many cats, we know more than ever that Victor isn’t at all benevolent. Does he have Julie’s best interests at heart? Or is he just biding his time?

The police force aren’t interested in finding a dead killer, owing largely to the fact that chief of the investigation is busy stalking his partner and Simon via some pretty extensive CCTV coverage. He’s convinced that Simon is their chief suspect, a hunch only entertained because he knows him to be dead and, now that Adele seems to have awoken to the actual, physical return of her fiancé, this love triangle is going to get a lot more complicated. We also find out this week that Simon died in a car accident on the morning of his wedding and, unless there’s something we don’t know, that’s more straightforward than we thought.

What isn’t straightforward, and what may prove to be the key to uncovering The Returned’s secrets, is the connected between Lena and Camille. There’s a physical bond between the pair that manifested itself as Camille was driving to her death and Lena was entertaining at home, and now we can assume the mysterious scar on her back has something to do with her sister’s resurrection. Is the fast-growing wound a version of Camille’s own injuries? And will the scar eventually become fatal? Now that Camille has reinvented herself as Cousin Alice, at least the family will be sticking around town.

And the water level is still dropping, if you hadn’t twigged.

What did you think of the episode? Is Victor friend or foe to Julie? Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments below.