New Mini-Series Starring Melissa George in Development at Cinemax

TV viewers may recall that Cinemax aired a compelling new drama from BBC One last fall called ‘Hunted’ that starred actress Melissa George. Sadly, that series only lasted for one episode (technically only eight episodes) before BBC One (who commissioned the show for television) decided to opt out of moving forward with a second season.

But there is some good news where this series is concerned. No, ‘Hunted’ won’t be coming back because the series as it was cannot continue without the involvement of the BBC, but a spin-off series – or more to that point – a four hour mini-series – is being developed by HBO and Cinemax with major assistance from ‘The X-Files’ alum Frank Spotnitz.

The mini-series, set to be called Sam Hunter, will bring George back, reprising her role as the title character, a “gusty agent in the murky world of private espionage” who is on the “run from her former employer”.

According to a report at Deadline, “Sam has a price on her head and a young daughter to protect”. The mini-series will find Sam working as “a freelance spy (in order) to find out who wants her dead and how it (all) connects to the murder of her own mother”.

Spotnitz, whose credits also include ‘Strike Back’ (one of Cinemax’s other dramas) is currently writing ‘Sam Hunter’, but there are no details on when the mini-series will air on Cinemax (yet).

TV viewers will recognize George from her on TV shows such as ‘Alias’, ‘Lie to Me’, ‘In Treatment’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and the Australia shows ‘The Slap’ and ‘Home and Away’. Her film roles include ‘Mulholland Dr.’, ‘The Amityville Horror’ and’30 Days of Night’.