Crossing Lines Season 1 Review “Pilot”

Crossing Lines Episode 1 Pilot Part 1 & 2 (4)

Crossing Lines, the latest drama from NBC, premiered with a plus-sized “Pilot” episode. Focusing on a team of investigators brought together by the International Criminal Court, the show plans to explore crime on a wider scale than any procedural before it. While there’s promise in the concept, the first episode failed to provide a truly exciting start. Instead, it hit all the plot beats expected of a pilot without offering a compelling crime story.

With the focus being on international crime, it would’ve been nice for the show to come out of the gate with something a bit flashier than a serial killer story. The idea of a murderer using his diplomatic immunity to go on a spree across Europe is fine, but it failed to offer much other procedurals haven’t. Hopefully, future installments will bring more unique crimes, such as human trafficking, smuggling or even extradition.

The ordinary crime also made for a bloated episode. At two hours, there were a lot of dead spaces in the investigation, even after a member of the investigation team had been kidnapped. In fairness, a lot of this time was used to flesh out the characters, but this still left some of the team defined more by their specialties than their personalities.

There’s the tech expert, the profiler and the researcher, just to name a few. There were certainly hints at which characters will work well together, but not enough to get a solid feel. The only two that did have a lot of great scenes were Tommy and Sienna, which made it a shame that she was killed off by the end of the pilot.

Still, Tommy’s the kind of brute with a heart of gold it’s easy to like, so he’ll hopefully remain a reliable character moving forward. Similarly, William Fichtner is solid as the show’s lead, former NYPD detective Carl Hickman. It’s almost like Fichtner’s reprising his role from Prison Break, playing an agent with a serious drug addiction. It works, as he was as much a standout on that show as he is here. The episode leans a bit heavily on the addiction, but it’s the sort of approach to expect from a pilot.

Ultimately, I find myself coming back to the idea that this is a show with potential, one that’s taking risks with its European setting and unique premise. For now, though, it’ll be a game of waiting to see what Crossing Lines has to offer in the coming weeks.

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