‘Covert Affairs’ To Be Visited by Homeland’s Zuleikha Robinson

She played Roya Hammad, the “go-between’ for Brody and Abu Nazir on the critically acclaimed and award-winning Showtime drama ‘Homeland, and now actress Zuleikha Robinson will be paying a visit to the popular USA Network drama Covert Affairs.

Thanks to a report at The Hollywood Reporter, we have learned that Robinson will appear in a multiple episode arc, playing Bianca, a “D.C. power player who is one of the capitol’s most formidable defense attorneys. With the help of Bianca’s legal acumen, Arthur (series regular Peter Gallagher) plans to combat allegations that could damage the Campbells’ legacy”.

Robinson got her first big break on TV in the short-lived The X-Files spin-off ‘The Lone Gunmen’ before landing roles in ‘Rome’, the short-lived drama ‘New Amsterdam’ and then appearing in the latter seasons of the juggernaut that was ‘Lost’. She has also appeared in the box office films ‘Hildago’ and ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

‘Covert Affairs’ will start its fourth season on the USA Network starting on Tuesday, July 16 at 9/8c with Robinson first appearing in the 9th episode.