Graceland Season 1 “Heat Run” Review

Graceland Episode 3 Heat Run (8)

Last week’s episode of Graceland left viewers in shock as Briggs pulled his gun out on Mike. This week’s episode picked up with that uncomfortable moment between mentor and mentee.

It turned out that Briggs pulled his gun on Mike in an effort to save his life – not take it. I wouldn’t take Briggs’ effort as a sign that there are no trust issues between the two. Although Briggs was able to keep Bello from murdering the two agents out of mistrust, they weren’t lucky enough to keep Eddie in the clear.

The focus was on Lauren this week as she was still determined to take down the Russians and get Donny back to Graceland. The agency planned to relocate to Donny to Miami and take Lauren off the Russian detail. The Russians, however, had not forgotten that Donny took down one of their men and they were determined to get a little payback.

Lauren set her sights on a stolen Lamborghini operation as the way to take down the Russians. Desperate to save Donny, Lauren ignored Briggs order to shut the sting down as it became apparent that the operation was a bust. Stubborn, headstrong and reckless, Lauren physically stepped in front of a massive truck, bringing it to a screeching, dangerously abrupt stop. Unfortunately for Lauren, Briggs’ instinct proved right as there were no Lamborghinis inside.

Willing to do anything to stop the Russians, Lauren showed up at Graceland with a busted jaw that she blamed on the Russians. She knew it was exactly what was needed to get Briggs back into the game. Bad call, Lauren.

It turned out that Briggs had been tracking Lauren and knew that she was lying. Along with Donny, Lauren is now permanently exiled from Graceland. Mike confronts Briggs about the tracker used on Lauren and gets an honest response. According to Briggs, he did it to protect the other Graceland agents. Indeed, Lauren’s recklessness was definitely an unnecessary job hazard.

Two agents down, three episodes in and Mike doesn’t seem any closer to unraveling the mystery of Briggs. What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!