Twisted Season 1 Review “Grief is a Five-Letter-Word”

Twisted Episode 2 Grief is a Five-Letter Word (3)

I was impressed by last week’s premiere of ABC Family’s latest mystery drama, Twisted and, after this second episode, I’m convinced this is going to be my new guilty pleasure. We’re still none the wiser to whether Danny is a misunderstood child murderer or a full-blown psychopath, but we do know who’s currently willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and who’s ready to throw away the key.

In the first camp are Jo and Rico, who have formed their own clique based on the fact that they’re all social outcasts. Meanwhile, Lacey and what remains of the popular crowd are busy grieving the loss of Regina, all but decided that Danny is the culprit. It’s hard not to agree with them right now, of course, what with him hiding evidence all over the place. There’s definitely something up with that necklace, but I doubt Danny actually killed Regina. I actually doubt whether he killed his aunt, as cover-ups and conspiracies aren’t a new thing for shows on this network.

Twisted does differ from Pretty Little Liars in at least one way, however – our main character actually has a parent who’s willing to, you know, parent. Kyle is going for the number one dad trophy by fruitlessly trying to keep Jo away from Danny, and only accepts a dinner invitation to his house to collect evidence on his hunch. It’s not very professional to search a teenage boy’s bedroom for clues to an official investigation but, as he says earlier in the episode, when it comes to his kids it’s always personal. I’m on his side right now, but I foresee him getting a little more aggressive in his pursuit.

The tongue-in-cheek look into high school grief is an interesting one since Lacey is at the center of it. She explained to Jo last week that she did genuinely care for her best friend, but it looks as though everyone else in the school is searching for their 15-minutes of fame off the back of the tragic event. Some suspects can be identified after expanding the world of the school, also, with Lacey and Regina’s third friend acting shifty from the off and Phoebe identified as a bitter rival to the school’s queen bee.

In my jaded brain I’m also not sure about Rico, who’s too sweet and innocent to be all he seems. This is a dark show and, unless Rico is there to provide comic relief and then be killed off, then I’m pointing my finger at him early on. Other shady characters are Karen, who seems to be sleeping with the school principle for something in return and, of course, Danny himself. Half of me hopes this is just a massive double bluff and Danny’s the real killer, but I don’t think that’s the way Twisted is going to go. That’d be too easy, wouldn’t it?

What did you think of the episode? Who do you think Regina’s killer is? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.