Seth MacFarlane Books Canine Role in ‘Futurama’ Season 7

When Fry’s beloved pooch Seymour returns in Futurama‘s seventh and final season, he’ll have a voice and that voice will be Seth MacFarlane’s.

As first reported by EW, The Family Guy creator will provide Seymour’s only spoken dialogue in an episode that takes the Planet Express crew inside Fry’s dreams in order to complete a mission in 1999. The episode will also feature the reappearance of Sarah Silverman as the voice of Fry’s former girlfriend, Michelle.

Viewers first saw Seymour waiting patiently for his owner’s return in the emotional 2002 episode “Jurassic Bark.” MacFarlane’s episode will air August 14th. Do you think MacFarlane was the right choice to voice Seymour?

Futurama season seven premieres tonight, Wednesday, June 19th at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.