Teen Wolf Season 3 Review “Fireflies”

Vernon Boyd. Raise your hand if you thought Derek’s bloodthirsty Beta’s first name was Boyd.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, on to the review of this week’s episode of Teen Wolf.

When the episode opened, I thought we were looking at a Stiles/Heather flashback. Not so much. We were witnessing two unfortunate kids literally being chased into a tiny shed by a big bad wolf named Boyd. Correction. Vernon Boyd. A few random observations –

(1) Has anyone ever seen that many fireflies in one place?

(2) Boyd might be the most hideous of all the “wereformations.”

(3) What’s up with werewolves and fireflies?

Oh, Allison. Your intentions of saving Scott and Derek were good, but you’ve created quite the dangerous mess by breaking that seal and unleashing the moon-deprived beasts on Beacon Hills.

Through a flashback, we learned that Scott finally told Allison that crazy Momma Argent tried to kill him when Derek bit her. I suspect that this revelation and Scott’s understandable decision to keep it secret will cause Allison to reinforce her emotional wall. With all due respect to the Allison/Scott ‘shippers, I think single Scott is SO much better than relationship Scott. I also think single Allison is pretty bad ass too.

Chris working with Derek, Isaac and Scott? Um, pardon me while I have a fangirl moment. OMGenaiopenpaiehaisleiahn;odgihae;aihoeh!

Okay, I’m back, composed and ready to share a few more observations about this week’s episode:

Did anyone else really want Melissa to hug Stiles as realized that Heather was murdered?

Can we discuss the Teen Wolf stunts? I love the gratuitous flips and Scott jumping over Isaac’s head to kick Cora in the chest.

“You called the police before you called me?” Oh the feels! The feels! Loved that Lydia called Stiles as her go to person.

What exactly is the temperature at night in Beacon Hills? Derek had on a v-neck t-shirt, while Isaac had on a neck scarf. I’m confused but they looked good, so I’ll allow it.

Poor, poor Lydia. The girl can’t catch a break. Holland Roden has truly developed a talent for classic, horror scene screams.

What is it going to take for Peter to get back to full Beta strength?

The bugs on Emily. *shivers* That was something straight out of Creepshow – both awesome and grotesque.

Allison, I totally saw that look you exchanged with Isaac. I don’t want Scott to hurt, but I totally get the attraction to Isaac. With all hell breaking loose in Beacon Hills, I’m not sure we need a love triangle.

It’s time to spill the beans to Sheriff Stilinski.

What’s up with the virgin sacrifices? And does this mean that Stiles is in trouble? *gasp*

What exactly is Peter up to while Isaac, Derek, Scott, Stiles, Melissa, Allison, Lydia, Chris and the cops chase after supernatural occurrences all night?

How did Derek manage to overpower Boyd and Cora? Did he catch a lucky break because of the sun? I’m so confused. For a second, I thought Derek was a goner and this would have been an entirely different Teen Wolf review.

I love that this show gives screentime to same sex couples. Diversity is always great for television. Keep it up, writers!

Three episodes in and I can’t really say I know what the hell is going on, but I like it. Admittedly, I enjoyed being free from the super Alphas this week. I’m also realizing that I don’t miss Jackson as much as I thought I would. Any thoughts on this week’s episode of Teen Wolf or speculation as to what is going on with just about anyone on the show? Sound off below!