Nurse Jackie Season 5 Finale “Soul” Review

Oh, Jackie.

In a season in which Nurse Jackie series seemed to suffer from amnesia and an identity crisis at times, the season ended on a very familiar note – Jackie taking drugs. It seems fitting that Jackie’s relapse happen on the occasion of her celebration of a year of sobriety. Not that I was rooting against Jackie, but the relapse seemed inevitable. Hell, the stress with Kevin and that annoying Grace made me want to take a drink of the alcoholic variety. I’m rooting for Jackie to get back on the wagon next season, but I also hope that perhaps her foray into a familiar vice will help get the show back on track.

I still haven’t gotten over the departure of O’Hara at the start of the season and I’m sad to learn that Eve Best has officially left the show. The two new cast additions brought very little to this season of Nurse Jackie. Each week, I was hoping that we’d finally be rid of Dr. Roman. My dislike of her character was further exacerbated by the writers’ decision to relegate Coop to her struggling mentor/unappreciated lover. Hopefully they’ll find more to do with Coop next season.

As for Dr. Prentiss, we still know very little about him. I’m only invested in him as a character to the extent he is Zoey’s new beau. Speaking of Zoey, I thought she was truly the highlight of Nurse Jackie. She was one of the few characters who still exuded traces of the development from previous seasons and she managed to grow even more under the show’s new leadership. Although she’s still goofy and still wearing the cutesy scrubs, Zoey went from being a mentee of Jackie’s to a peer. In her own Zoey way, she’s become a self-assured woman and professional.

Along with more material for Coop, I hope the sixth season of Nurse Jackie will find more substantive onscreen time for Eddie and Gloria. They have consistently been my favorite characters over the course of this show and it was disappointed to see them relegated to the background this season. I’d rather spend more time with them than any of Jackie’s love interests.

This week’s finale was one of the stronger episodes of the season. And hey, we even got a brief appearance by Fiona! Remember her? Jackie’s other daughter? Kidding. What did you think of the finale as well as the fifth season of Nurse Jackie? Will you be returning for season six? Sound off below!