[TV MOVIE] Gone Missing (Lifetime) Starring Gage Golightly, Daphne Zuniga & Lauren Bowles

Gone Missing (Lifetime)

The upcoming TV Movie Gone Missing premieres Saturday June 15 (8:00 ET/PT) on Lifetime and stars Gage Golightly, Daphne Zuniga & Lauren Bowles.

Gone Missing Synopsis: Loving but overprotective mom Rene’s worst fears come true when her 18-year-old daughter Kaitlin and her best friend Matty go missing from a San Diego resort during Spring Break. Rene will stop at nothing to find her daughter, even if it means starting her own investigation into the night her daughter went missing.

With the help of her son Kennedy and Matty’s mom Lisa, Rene navigates the San Diego Spring Break scene, digging into her daughter’s night of partying, and discovering some unsettling facts about Kaitlin’s secret life. With the clock ticking, Rene gets closer and closer to the truth about her daughter’s disappearance. But will she make it to her daughter in time… or is she already too late?

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