Graceland Season 1 “Guadalajara Dog” Review

Graceland Episode 2 Guadalajara Dog (4)

In the Graceland season premiere, we saw rookie agent Mike tackle his first undercover assignment, win over his fellow agents/housemates and receive a stern reminder that his primary task is investigating his new mentor – veteran agent Paul Briggs. Based on the fast rapport the two developed, not to mention the fact that Paul saved Mike’s life, it was pretty clear that this investigation was going to be the source of a lot of internal conflict for Mike.

In this week’s episode, we were reminded just how different Mike and Paul were their respectively different career stages. Still new and enthusiastic, Mike is a hardcore, by-the-book agent. This was pretty clear as he ran behind a kid who stole a bag of chips and hit a poor taco truck vendor. Although playing by the rules, particularly as a law enforcement officer is admirable, surviving as an undercover agent will most certainly require him to loosen up a bit. Or as Paul put it, “screw the book. It wasn’t written for you.” He also reminded the newbie that as an undercover agent, his “cover is everything.”

Under the guise of a psych evaluation, Mike went to headquarters to meet his new handler. We learned that unsurprisingly, Mike has very ambitious career aspirations and hopes to lead his agency some day. Juan, Mike’s new handler, came off just as sketchy and morally grey as the subject of the investigation – Paul. Interestingly, we (along with Mike) have yet to learn what exactly the agency think Paul has been up to while Graceland.

Paul did not quell Mike’s suspicions by keeping him out of the plan to take down Paige’s target with cop killer bullets, while managing to preserve his own cover in his ongoing investigation of Bella. It also didn’t help that Paul used some of the ill gotten gains to take the Graceland gang out.

By the episode’s end, Paul proved why he’s able to strut around Graceland like a king – he’s pretty damn good at what he does. As we saw in the pilot, Briggs already had suspicions about Mike. The top graduate in the class with a bright future typically gets their pick of assignments, which usually does not include undercover work. In an anxiety-inducing cliffhanger, we found Paul with his gun pointed at the back of Mike’s head and a bunch of unanswered questions about what Mike was really up to in Graceland. Next week should be interesting! What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you think Mike will come clean? Sound off below!