Dates Series 1 Review (Channel 4) “Jenny & Nick”

As it came to revisit UK’s Channel 4’s second episode of Dates, I was definitely unsure whether a follow-up date would capture the same fun, honesty and sweetness as the first. As it turns out, however, it wasn’t trying to, and we were subjected to one of the worst dates in human history. We meet ‘Jenny and Nick’ as they go for dinner and drinks at a bar in central London.

The theme of this date was anonymity, something Jenny immediately expressed desire for when asked if she liked London. We saw the same thing from Mia aka Celeste in the previous episode, and it looks as though it’s going to be a main component of Dates for the duration. Schoolteacher Jenny and financial trader Nick both have some considerable baggage, her engagement broken off and his marriage destroyed by infidelity, and neither are particularly social adept when discussing details of past lives.

We can see from the start that they’re not a good fit, as with so many blind dates, and that there’s something seriously wrong with the way he’s acting towards her. Similarly, she has a kleptomania problem and an elastic band around her wrist that reminds her not to steal, but doesn’t seem to stop her in practice. These are not attractive people, and the evening itself goes from bad to worse. Taking a phone call from work, Jenny follows Nick to the toilets and discovers him getting busy with their young male waiter.

Instead of running straight out of the door, she decides to nick his wallet and make him walk her to the tube station. Are we supposed to cheer for her revenge against a clearly messed up individual who, within ten minutes, accepted sexual favours from a bloke before immediately throwing around homophobic slurs? Probably not, as I believe in this show’s already demonstrated emotional intelligence. We’re not really supposed to judge these people at all, but just to witness a rainbow of humanity through the prism of modern dating.

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