Showtime’s ‘Web Therapy’ Is Back In Session In New Teaser

Web Therapy, Lisa Kudrow’s web series turned television series, is returning to Showtime for a third season this July, and in preparation the network has released a teaser featuring some of Fiona’s (Kudrow) most recognizable patients yet.

This season, the ineffectual web therapist will attempt to treat the likes of Steve Carell, Chelsea Handler, Megan Mullally and Matt LeBlanc, among others. Meanwhile, Fiona will be busy attempting to get her own life back in order after her politician husband (Victor Garber) skips town with his male campaign manager and her mother (Lily Tomlin) decides to start her own online therapy enterprise. Check out the teaser below for a sneak peek at what’s in store for season three.

Web Therapy season three premieres Tuesday, July 23rd at 11PM ET/PT on Showtime.