Royal Pains Season 5 Premiere Review “Hank Watch” – Surgery Was the Easy Part

Royal Pains Season 5 Episode 1 Hank Watch

In the season 5 premiere of Royal Pains, called “Hank Watch,” Hank tries to return to normal duty after spending the last six months recovering, but it turns out that the surgery may be the easiest thing for him – and everyone else – to handle.

Hank’s recovery

When I saw the commercials for this episode, I was disappointed by the fact that it looked like they were just going to fast-forward six months and – poof! – Hank would be all better. While that is somewhat true, I enjoyed the way they are playing out his story. I love that we got to see what it was like for him in those early days after his surgery and don’t even get me started on Evan being his big brother’s protector. Because I thought we were going “Hank is fine” route, I hadn’t really thought about all the implications his surgery would have on his life. Well, I did think of some, but the drug dependency was one that hadn’t occurred to me. It’s going to be interesting to see how that plays out.

Hank and Paige’s house hunt

Like I said, I was really in love with Evan being all protective and worried about Hank, but I was a little sad when I realized that it was keeping him from moving forward with his married life. In the end, I think he and Paige found the perfect solution by moving into the mansion so that they could be alone and also keep an eye on Hank, but something tells me they’re going to have a bit of trouble getting used to that big house.

Jeremiah, the Cease and Desist, and Divya’s condition

I was very happy to see Jeremiah back, but please dear God somebody tell me that that beard is going to be gone soon. He can’t actually keep that all season, right? But his beard was the least worrisome thing in this episode so I guess I’ll let it go for now. That ungrateful woman serving Evan with a Cease and Desist order was a big shocking and makes me worry how they’ll get through that issue. Plus of course there is Divya’s little condition. I can’t even imagine how she’s going to do her job and have a baby, but if anyone can make it work, it would be Divya.

All in all, this episode was a fine start to the new season and proof that this show is not afraid to mix a few gray clouds in with its normal USA Network “blue skies” theme.

My favorite bits..

“I’m sorry, we couldn’t save your sense of humor.”

Evan worrying over Hank in the hospital. Aw.

“Are you worried about him having it or you having to look at it?”
“A little bit of both.”

Evan initiating Hank Watch.

They changed the opening sequence? Hmm. not sure if I like that yet. Will need to get used to it.

Evan watching as a patient literally dropped out of the sky.

Evan asking Hank if there was a less painful, super-VIP version of his treatment.

Hank discovering how hard it was to treat a patient who had experience in the medical field.

“Oh my god! You look like a Wookie!”

“Please don’t say ‘what happens in Iceland, stays in Iceland.'”
“It never occurred to me to say that.”

Hank and Evan sharing a look when Jeremiah said that he had a girlfriend.

Evan admitting how terrified he was when Hank was sick.

Reliving that awful moment when Hank had his seizure.

Finding out that Evan called all the new associates “Hankeys.”

“Please don’t speak until the thermometer beeps.”
“We should take his temperature more often.”

Evan trying to talk with the thermometer in his mouth.

Divya putting the thermometer back in Evan’s mouth.

“I have a beard now.” – Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Paige finally realizing that Evan didn’t want to leave Hank. Um, duh.

“I just can’t leave him… yet.” – So. Many. Feels

“Are we being Brokoviched right now?”
“Not a verb and we’ll be okay.”

Cracking up at how many times the phrase “wet dog sweater” was said in this episode.

“It’s ‘Hank Watch.’ ‘Hank Sit’ sounds ridiculous.”

Yes! Hank to the rescue again! Nothing like solving a medical mystery to prove that Hank is better.

Nearly going blind from Paige’s dress. Whoa! Neon orange, much?

Evan announcing that he and Paige were moving into the “castle.” Wow.

Evan making sure that Jeremiah’s girlfriend hadn’t asked him for money.

Getting very worried when Hank asked for Jeremiah to write him a prescription for pain meds.

A Cease and Desist Order? Why that little…

Hank confronting Dimitri. Yeah! Go Hank.

Yep. Totally called that. I knew Divya was going to say she was pregnant as soon as I saw the look on her face.

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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