Switched at Birth Season 2 Review “Mother and Child Divided”

Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 11 Mother and Child Divided (13)

It’s been a while since we last visited the Kennish/Vasquez clan on Switched at Birth, and things haven’t gotten any less dramatic during our time away. As we discover in this mid-season premiere, ‘Mother and Child Divided’, Toby and Nikki are still engaged, Regina is still in rehab, and Bay is still feeling insecure about Daphne’s close relationship to Katherine.

I’ve always thought it was clever how subtle the similarities between Daphne and Katherine or Bay and Regina were, and it’s totally believable that, with both girls living with the Kennish’s over summer, it would be Daphne who took to the Country Club lifestyle that never really washed with Bay.

She’s sporty, she’s driven and she’s optimistic, while Bay is creative and volatile like her own biological mother. This episode, and I assume the rest of the season, taps into that really nicely, and mixes up the dynamics in new and interesting ways. I hope Bay finally finds the mother/daughter relationship she’s been craving all this time.

So with Daphne now living in the main house and interning for John, Bay has decided to move into Angelo’s apartment with Regina and get a job in a ‘bad’ part of town. How will this affect the already icy relationship between the two girls? It’s going to be rocky, and all the sisterly bonding they’ve done thus far seems to have gone out of the window.

And if one child distancing herself wasn’t enough, the Kennish’s also have to deal with Toby and Nikki’s impending marriage. Nikki wants a small, intimate gathering, but small and intimate aren’t words Katherine understand when it comes to planning an event.

Meanwhile, Bay discovers that Ty is back in town when she randomly bumps into him. Interviews have suggested that the character will stick around for a while in this second half of the season, not boding well for the actor’s other role on The Lying Game, I guess, so it’s possible that Emmett won’t be the only love interest in Bay’s life.

Speaking of that troubled union, the two of them don’t even interact in this episode, with Emmett and Travis forming a slightly worrying double-act for the summer. Emmett wouldn’t be my first choice of wingman, if I were Travis.

What did you think of the episode? Is the British coffee guy a suitable new love interest for Daphne? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.