The Killing Season 3 Review “Seventeen”

The Killing Season 3 Episode 3 Seventeen (3)
I can already imagine some of the complaints about last night’s The Killing. The thing to understand is that the show is a slow burn. There isn’t going to be an “ah-ha” moment in each episode like you would have with a hokey procedural drama. Nor can you have something earth shattering happen in every episode, because that would feel disingenuous. This means that in order to appreciate the show, you need to commit and understand that the pay-off will come. In the meantime, there is the opportunity to enjoy some unique and compelling characters.

This week involved the aftermath of the discovery of the serial killer’s dumping grounds. Linden is rejoining the force and this creates an awkward relationship between her and Holder. The two are still friendly and seem to want to work together. But, there is a tension that is holding them back. For Holder, it likely involves dealing with the fact that Linden abandoned him when she walked away after the Rosie Larson case. He also doesn’t appreciate the way Linden continues to shut him out by withholding details about her work-up of the case. For Linden, working with Holder represents a full-immersion into the world that almost drove her mad. By keeping him at bay, she maintains the feeling that she is in control. This can’t last, of course. Holder’s new partner is unlikable, and it not as fun having Linden and Holder spending so much time apart.

Linden and Holder are both trying to open a door into the disturbing world of underage prostitution. This is an extremely sensitive subject, and so far, I am impressed by the way the show handles it. We haven’t been subjected to any sexually exploitative scenes, but that doesn’t mean the show is completely skirting the implications of the sex trade. Sex acts are intimated and the result is complete revulsion. Nobody could have watched the scene of the young girl and the taxi driver without wanting to hurl and then give that guy a beat down. I have a suggestion for where he can stick those mittens he wants so badly.

Even with its slow pace, I appreciate the realism of how the police are handling the investigation. The scene with the officers sitting in the room watching the child porn videos was accurate and disturbing. People may not realize but there are officers and attorneys who actually have to watch that type of heartbreaking material in order to make sure that the deviants behind them are locked up. I liked the way that you could see one of the officers hang his head while he watched. It’s an unenviable job.

I am not sure how I feel about the Seward storyline, though. We’re only three episodes in, so I am sure that there will be more development with it. At the moment, though, it’s just confusing. He acts like he killed his wife, but then he might not have killed her. He loves his son, but then pretends he doesn’t have one. And the scene with the razor blade was bizarre. What was the purpose in giving him the razor (and who did it)? Was it so he could slit his own wrists or take out the guard? It probably wasn’t the intention that the razor be used for some tattoo removal. I need a little more for this story to feel like it’s going someplace. That means some more exposition from Seward.

Overall, I think the show strives to evoke a feeling of hopelessness. The gloom, rain, subject matter, and the sad, lost children create a feeling of suffocation. It’s no wonder that Linden can’t break free. I’m in for the long haul, so I’m going to sit back and enjoy how things unfold. I’m starting to see everyone as a suspect; my current money is on Holder’s partner as the killer. I’m sure that will change weekly, though.

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