Nurse Jackie Season 5 “Heart” Review

The penultimate episode of the fifth season of Nurse Jackie was full of surprises and new leases on life, as Jackie put it.

Jackie and Frank took their relationship to the next level with sex, pillow talk and an “I love you.” I understand that this is the world of television where things can happen at warp speed, but it seems a little soon for Frank to drop the L-bomb. When did this love develop? Off screen? Wasn’t Jackie just sleeping with someone else a few episodes ago?

We already knew that Grace and her boyfriend were spending their quality relationship time snorting things in their noses and this week, her parents learned of her new recreational habits. In addition to her new adderall habit, Grace has become quite the little liar. I’ve always had conflicted feelings about Grace. Truthfully, I never liked her but I was sympathetic to her character, as she clearly had some issues. That sympathy was deeply compromised when she tried to blame her bag of pills on her mother.

Where the hell is Fiona? Exactly how high, stupid and/or douchey does Danny have to be to complain to Kevin about his daughter’s unwillingness to put out? Oh, Grace. Do better. I thought that Jackie had finally gotten through to Grace after she enlisted her daughter’s help with the patient in need of urgent care outside the hospital. One call from Douchey Danny about Kevin giving him a very much-deserved roughing up and Grace went running. *Sigh.*

I’m glad that Kevin and Jackie were able to work together to deal with Grace. It was very brave of her to give custody to Kevin and it will be interesting to see how the girls take the news. Thankfully one of her strained relationships seems to be on the mend, as Kevin surprisingly decided to support Jackie rather than blame her for Grace’s woes.

It was nice to see Gloria’s new lease on life now that she’s got a better prescription for her seizures and has discovered the wonders of Spotify. It was also nice to learn that she was taking an unprecedented ten days of vacation. Go Gloria!

In the biggest shock of this week’s episode of Nurse Jackie, we learned that it was Zoey – not Carrie – who is sleeping with Dr. Prentiss. I noticed that Zoey took a special interest Carrie and Prentiss sharing a cab, but completely missed any indications that it was due to an ongoing sexual relationship. Of all the secrets I suspected would be revealed about Prentiss, this was not the one I was expecting.

One more episode left and Jackie has finally reached a year of sobriety. What did you think of this week’s episode of Nurse Jackie? Sound off below!