[TV MOVIE] The Good Mother (Lifetime) Starring Helen Slater, Camille Cregan And Beverly D’Angelo

The upcoming TV Movie The Good Mother premieres Saturday June 8 (8:00pm ET/PT) on Lifetime and stars Helen Slater, Camille Cregan And Beverly D’Angelo.

The Good Mother Synopsis: After troubled teen Jillian (Camille Cregan) is arrested, she gets the chance at a new life when her best friend Melanie’s (Meaghan Martin) family takes her in. As she starts to rebuild her life and finally has the nurturing she needs from Melanie’s mother, Cheryl (Helen Slater), her world is shattered when Melanie dies after a long and exhausting battle with her disease. But when Melanie’s younger sister Hillary (Samantha Bailey) starts to show the same symptoms as Melanie, Jillian can’t shake the feeling that something is amiss and begins to question if Cheryl is truly the loving mother figure she has come to trust.

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  • Crystal Hardin

    I just watched this movie only saw 2nd half was the mom in this movie the mother of kids or step mom?

    • D

      She is the younger girl’s mother. The brunette, older girl, is the best friend of the woman’s decease daughter. No relation.