The TV Equals Mailbag #1: Show Resurrection, Game of Thrones & More

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our first edition of the TV Equals Mailbag! We here at TV Equals always appreciate reader feedback and questions, so it seemed like a good idea to devote an entire column to our readers. Going forward, this column will be your opportunity to put any burning questions you have up for discussion. The current plan is to run a new mailbag every few weeks. If you’d like to get in on the action, feel free to tweet your questions to me or leave a comment below. You guys were noticeably shy about tweeting questions this time around, but maybe our first effort will give you an idea of what to expect. Let’s jump right in.

Q: Which cancelled show would you bring back to TV for only one episode?

Czar: Kudos to both of my editors for getting involved (they’re good people).

On to the question: I could pretty easily answer this question if it’s a season long question, but the one episode caveat makes this question infinitely more difficult. At the risk of putting my recency bias on full display, I think I’m going to have to go with Terriers. For those of the uninitiated, Terriers was a little watched, but greatly beloved, FX series that lasted only one season. I know the show ended about as well as you could have hoped for considering the circumstances, but I would love another chance to watch Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James show off their impeccable chemistry. Plus, while I’m comfortable not knowing if the two guys went on the lam together, a part of me will remain forever curious.

Q: How bad do you feel for poor Jorah from Game Of Thrones? Don’t you just know he was every hot chick’s best friend in high school, watching them go on dates with football players while he watched, hiding in the bushes? Now he’s pining for Dany, devoting his life to her until she wakes up and recognizes that he is her one true love, while two alpha males show up, spill a little blood, flex a muscle or two, and cut right in front of him in line. Tale as old as time; the cool guys always win.
Scott, Atlanta, GA

Czar: It’s situation like these where it’s important to remember that Dany is still a teenager. Jorah would be wise to remember it. Notoriously fickle, the teenager is prone to flights of fancy whenever attractive things are involved. At this critical juncture, it’s important for Jorah to avoid the Friend Zone. Granted, there is a chance he’s already there, but on the chance he’s not, he now needs to avoid it at all costs. Remain a close adviser, but push Ser Barristan as her guy friend. You don’t want anything to do with that situation. The Yunkai walls may have been easy to breach, but no army has ever made it out of the Friend Zone.

What’s your Game of Thrones sigil and which major house are you aligned with?
Matt, Atlanta, GA

For starters, I have to align myself with House Lannister for several reasons.

1. Tywin Lannister can be my pen pal.
2. I’ve grown quite fond of saying “A Newland always pays his debts” whenever I have the opportunity.
3. Seriously, did you just see that last episode? Time to get on the winning side of this battle.

As for my sigil, I feel confident because I know I can’t do worse than the rose of the Tyrells. With that in mind, I think my sigil will have to be the bear. I enjoy a good beard, I’ve been known to be one of the soundest sleepers in the Seven Kingdoms, and I enjoy wild caught fish. Just seems like a natural fit. On top of all that, people just don’t screw with bears. I think that was the entire plot of The Edge, but I digress…

Who would you rather have as a business partner: Jean-Ralphio or Ron Swanson?

The clear answer here is Swanson. First off, I don’t know if I’m prepared to deal with Jean-Ralphio’s myriad problems. For starters, I hear he’s having a lot of trouble with student loans. Even if that situation was resolved, there’s the other issue of him being homeless. Plus, you’d never know when his awful sister would show up. It’s just too much to take on.

Plus, there’s a chance Ron Swanson is a superhero.

Q: Which 2 shows would you love to see a crossover episode for?

Czar: Editor question #2, and another fine one. The crossover episode is something that is used very rarely nowadays. Television is so diffuse these days that it’s nearly impossible to send someone else into a different world. However, a couple of shows could work together quite easily.

I’m not going to win any imagination points, but what about a huge case where a large corporation is being sued by someone for wrongful termination. On the side of the complainant, we have a high-powered team from Lockhart/Gardner (The Good Wife). Opposing them is the undefeated legal team from New York from Pearson and Associates (Suits). Harvey Specter vs. Will Gardner. Let’s do this. Episode one can be on Suits, and they can finish out the two-parter on The Good Wife.

Just because it’s obvious doesn’t make it wrong.

Q: What is Dennis Franz doing now?
-Duane, Savannah, GA

Czar: Sipowicz is currently living the dream. As this interview from Access Hollywood last year tells you, he’s basically just hanging out with his grandchildren while his wife designs houses. Basically, he’s exactly like your grandfather. You know, if your grandfather was on TWO seminal television series in his lifetime and has played one of the most iconic television characters of all-time.

He claims if the right script came along he’d listen, but he sounds like a guy who is perfectly content to keep living his life.

There’s edition #1 of the TV Equals Mailbag. If you have suggestions for improvement, please leave them in the comments. Also, if any of these questions got your brain going, feel free to submit a question via twitter or here in the comments. At the end of the day, the Mailbag is only as good as our readers make it. We’re counting on you to make this a regular feature on our site.

Submit your questions now, and we’ll be back in a couple of weeks with edition #2.