The Job Lot Series 1 Episode 5 (ITV) Review

It must be catching – in the same week as preceding show, Vicious, delivered a bit of a stinker, The Job Lot have sunk to the same levels. It’s never been classic comedy, as has been discussed by every TV critic in the world, but this fifth episode really was a snooze-fest.

Like in the premiere, the most interesting plot point was Carl’s resignation from the job centre. As with the premiere, however, he quickly backtracks on the decision when he realises what a cold, cruel world life outside of his cushy job with throw him into. If he were to go on the cruise with his one-night-stand-turned-illicit affair, he might be able to use his art degree in teaching kids to paint, but there might not be any traditional ham or custard creams on board.

Like most things in The Job Lot, this storyline had infinitely more possibilities than were used, and we were left with a throwaway explanation as to why Carl wanted to stay at the job centre over expanding his horizons. For a character who was introduced as the ambitious graduate stuck in a menial job, he sure does lack the get up and go to relate the majority of frustrated graduates watching. Carl had the potential to be this series’ stand-out character, but he’s just as dull and irritating as the rest of the gang.

Not much is going on for the others – Trish has laser eye surgery that prevents her from actually reading Carl’s resignation letter, Danielle has some issues with her over-expressing breasts and Angela buys a posh coffee machine with her mysterious lottery winnings. I can only hope that the potential storylines are being saved up for a game-changing finale next week as, at this rate, The Job Lot will be extremely lucky to be granted a second series. It could have been great.

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