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The third season of Teen Wolf kicks off tonight and before we return to Beacon Hills, check out this season 2 refresher:


When the second season of Teen Wolf kicked off, Lydia found herself hallucinating images of a mysterious boy who turned out to be a young Peter Hale. Peter used Lydia to lure Derek to the Hale house where she has opened up the floorboards where Peter was buried. Thanks to a little full moon magic, an intricate arrangement of mirrors and Derek, Peter was back!

The return of Peter Hale was easily one of my favorite parts of season 2. He was such a great villain in season 1 and he never ceases to entertain. With the new alphas in pursuit, Derek will need all the help he can get.


Speaking of Derek . . . The new alpha expanded his ranks with three baby betas – Isaac, Boyd and Erica. By the end of the season, Erica and Boyd were departing for parts unknown leaving Derek with Isaac and Peter. It’s been confirmed that Gage Golightly did not return for the the third season of Teen Wolf, so it is likely things did not end well for her as the new alpha pack closed in on her and Boyd.


After discovering Scott’s secret, Jackson became obsessive about getting the “bite” so that he too could be a superstar on the lacrosse field. Unfortunately for Jackson, things did not go well for him after the bite. He turned into a kanima and wreaked havoc on behalf of his respective masters – Matt and Gerard. Thanks to the love of Lydia, Jackson’s blue-eyed inner wolf finally emerged after it appeared he’d been killed by Derek and Peter. Due to Colton Haynes unexpected departure from Teen Wolf, it will be interesting to see how the writers decide to resolve this storyline.


Teen Wolf fans will recall the mystery of the kanima last season and the shocking revelation that Jackson was the kanima being controlled by Matt. A master manipulator, Allison’s grandfather Gerard took control of the kanima as part of his plan to receive the bite by force and cure him of his cancer. In an even more shocking twist, we learned that adorable but dim-witted Scott had a plan of his own that involved switching Gerard’s medication with Mountain Ash. The supernatural repellent caused Gerard to reject the bite and it looked as though he was a goner. Much to viewers shock and chagrin, Gerard mysteriously disappeared.


When we last saw Dr. Deaton, he had traded in his white vet coat for a bad ass black leather get up and went off into the night with Ms. Morrell to find Gerard. We learned last season that Dr. Deaton knew the Hale family and made a promise to Derek’s mother that he would look after her son. Hopefully this new season will bring us more insight into Deaton, his connection to the Hales and his knowledge of werewolves. I also hope that he and Ms. Morrell catch up with Gerard and as they say in Mortal Kombat, FINISH HIM! Hopefully the pursuit of Gerard won’t tie Deaton up too much, as I suspect Derek will need all the help he can get.


After losing her mother, nearly killing some of her friends and barely surviving the manipulations of evil Grandpa Gerard, Allison decided that it was time for a relationship break. After being used as a pawn in her grandfather’s scheme, I’m sure that Allison needed to take some time to reflect and figure out her place in her family’s legacy of hunting werewolves.

Hopefully the relationship break will mean more time together for my favorite Teen Wolf pair – Scott and Stiles. The scene in the second season finale with just Scott and Stiles was actually one of my favorites, as it is the relationship I enjoy most and it harkened back to much simpler times before things got complicated by the bite. I suspect, however, that this will be merely a timeout and that Scott and Allison will find their way back to each other this season. Undoubtedly, the two will be pulled together in whatever wolf/hunter drama unfolds this season.


Now that you’re up to speed, check out the season 3 cast teaser below:

What were your favorite season 2 moments? What are your hopes for season 3? Is it time to officially start ‘shipping Melissa McCall and Sheriff Stilinski? Sound off below!