POLL: How Will YOU Survive The TV Summer Hiatus?

Grimm, Falling Skies, Royal Pains, Castle

When I was a kid, summer meant reruns only on TV. This is not the case anymore, but our fall favorites are certainly in hiatus until September or beyond. Of course, the cable networks, and now the broadcast networks, bring on their new and returning summer programming, so you may be scratching your head and saying: “What hiatus?”

Taking that into consideration, some people may take this opportunity to take a break from regular viewing, and certainly vacations make watching programming more challenging – has anyone ever stayed in a hotel that has the Syfy channel? I’m just sayin’… And, whether or not you watch other programming, it is an undeniable fact that many programs are on hiatus, frequently with a cliffhanger ending to leave us wondering over the summer months.

Let’s take a look at some possible options, and then please vote and I will tell you what I will be doing the next three months!

What Hiatus?

Falling Skies Season 3

Who am I kidding? The days of the hiatus are done – one set of programs ends, and a whole new set moves in. Maybe you have a week where there is nothing new, possibly two, but TV is a year around event now.

I recently looked at my list of new and returning summer shows and discovered I have 16 shows I will be following this summer! Yikes!

Speculating and Discussing


Do you hang out on discussion boards? And, during the hiatus do you spend more time there, hashing and rehashing the episodes you have seen and speculating on what will happen in the upcoming season? This is especially popular if there was a cliffhanger involved in the season finale. And, cliffhangers seem to be the most common type of season finale anymore! Seriously, for viewers of Grimm, they even taunted us with the text at the end of the season finale!

Watching Reruns/DVDs/etc.

Beckett and Castle - Castle

Some of the broadcast network programs are shown in syndication on cable network affiliates. For instance, Castle is now shown in syndication on TNT. So, while there is no new content there, you do have an option for getting your fill of the program you miss. Then there are always DVDs, many of which contain commentary and other extras to help while away the hours.

Enjoying the Break

Evan and Hank - Royal Pains

Maybe you spend the hiatus taking a break from TV. Are you going away for the summer? I have a friend who spends the summer at the beach. While most people cannot do that, merely going on a two week vacation can put a crimp in your viewing habits. On the other hand, it can be nice to separate yourself from technology every once in a while!

More Than One of These Options

Man Juggling

Are you a multi-tasker? Perhaps you do more than one of the options mentioned above. Do you watch new summer programming but still like to find discussion groups online to talk about your favorite shows that are on hiatus? Tell me in the comments section below which and how many of the options you combine!

None of These – You Missed One!

Puzzle Piece

Do you have another way of spending the summer hiatus that I did not list? Please let me know in the comment section below.


So what will I be doing? Well, I already mentioned above how I have 16 summer shows to watch, so I’m definitely in the “What hiatus?” category, but I also enjoy watching reruns of programs and reading other people’s speculations on what will happen when the new fall seasons premiere. So, I guess I need to put myself into the “More Than One of These Options” category!

Which answer did you vote for? Let me know in the comment section below!