The Client List Season 2 Review “When I Say I Do”

On the next-to-last episode of “The Client List” of the season, we had, perhaps inevitably, a full-blown transitional episode in the truest sense of the word, with “When I Say I Do”. Not a lot of major plot developments overall, in other words, but plenty of set-up for some big twists in the finale, many of which probably won’t end well.

For instance, Riley and Kyle were finally getting a bit closer to reconciliation- at the end of the episode, she granted him permission to move back in- and Selena was edging closer to an actual committed relationship with Derek finally, showing that there’s a bit of heart underneath all that bluster after all. Good news for both, certainly, but will it end well? Not so sure, least of all, given Riley’s day job and the impending threats from the police, as well as Selena’s habit for self-sabotage.

We also saw Lacey and Dale renew their romance, with a sweet, if very guy-centric series of ploys to get Lacey back in a loving mood, complete with a brand spanking new ring. Was it me, or did that ring look a bit fugly? Of course, that would completely be in keeping with Dale’s character, so it actually makes sense, but still, you’d think he’d have asked for Riley’s opinion or something… On the plus side, I think these two will be fine- they’re clearly made for each other, and totally cute together.

Shelby and Evan also got back together after a rocky start to their relationship, not exactly helped by his out-of-line rapport with the masseuse that he eventually busted for prostitution, which everyone involved in the operation overheard. Well, save fellow recruit Trimble, who got decked by his assigned masseuse, which started out looking kind of borderline racist, before pulling a fast one and being a fake-out.

It was actually kind of liberating by proxy to see a woman of Asian descent be ticked off about being accused of being a hooker when she was, in fact, really a masseuse as advertised and nothing more. You go, girl! And way to sidestep that racial profiling, “Client List”– what can I say? You got me; likely because five Asian girls were busted doing just what this one was accused of right down the street from me. (Again, I might add- this was not, as they say, their first rodeo.)

We also saw Georgia finally get hitched, and speaking of sidestepping, she adroitly avoided the whole big fancy wedding with all the bells and whistles thing for a simple private ceremony on the fly backstage at the club. I liked that, as the whole wedding extravaganza thing has been done plenty of time before, especially on this network. No Bridezillas here, thank God.

Meanwhile, Kyle was upping the ante on his likability factor, apologizing to everyone over dinner for the pain he caused, hawking his guitar to help Riley pay her mother’s rehab bills, baking a cake after he accidentally destroyed Georgia’s (speaking of fugly… eeesh- that cake was not pretty, as you can plainly see above) and giving Riley her wedding ring back in hopes of a full-on reconciliation. It worked, as Riley gave Kyle the thumbs-up on moving back in, accepting the ring as well.

That said, though, it might be too little too late, as the police are clearly closing in on Carlyle at the very least, whose Ruskie employee was ready to flip on him quicker than you can say Siberia. How much you wanna bet that he in turn lays some blame at Riley’s feet in retaliation, pointing the cops in her direction? Of course, the problem is, he has no evidence…yet.

So, what will go down on the finale? Will Nikki turn over the list, whether under duress from Carlyle or to save her own skin? Will Riley be the next to fall victim to an undercover sting, or perhaps one of her employees? What will Kyle do if she is busted? (He didn’t exactly handle her cheating on him very well.)

What about Harold? Surely he can put two and two together for himself if that happens, as well. What will happen to Georgia’s marriage if the truth comes out? It seems to me that everything’s kind of up in the air at this point, but we shall see next week, I suppose.

What did you think of “The Client List” this week? Any predictions on how it will end? Enjoy seeing Hewitt sing again- with Field (Lacey), no less? How tacky was that space cake, am I right? Sound off on this and whatever else is on your mind below!