Nurse Jackie Season 5 Episode 8 “Forget It”

Nurse Jackie Season 5 Episode 8 “Forget It” airs Sunday, June 2 at 9 pm on Showtime.

Episode Synopsis: Nurse Jackie Season 5 Episode 8 “Forget It” – What clearly is going to be “the night” for Jackie and Frank is interrupted by Kevin, figuring she was at work. Kevin is apologetic, but Jackie is angry, lying about how hard it was to get this one night with Frank. “The night” is postponed and Frank leaves. Akalitus’s blood results are in and her memory loss is a result of a new medication she’s been taking. Akalitus is so relieved to know but wishes she didn’t choose to take this burden on herself. Zoey helps Prentiss organize his disaster of an office. Jackie and Grace get into a fight after Jackie discovers Grace left campus for lunch. Jackie is convinced that Grace is sneaking behind her back to see Danny, but Grace assures her they broke up. Frank tells Jackie that after witnessing hers and Kevin’s argument, he’s worried that’s going to be him down the line. He urges her to work on her issues. And so, Jackie attends an AA meeting. In a moment of panic, Carrie makes the right diagnosis on a patient who cannot breathe. Jackie calls Grace to apologize for her behavior earlier. When they hang up, Grace and Danny snort a line together. Jackie makes amends to Kevin her way.

Show Summary: Every day is a matter of life and death in a hectic New York City hospital, but for Nurse Jackie that’s the easiest part. Between chronic back pain that won’t quit, and a personal life on the constant edge of collapse, it’s going to take a white lie here, a bent rule there, and a handful of secret strategies to relieve the pain, and stay one step ahead of total disaster. Three-time Emmy® winner Edie Falco stars in the critically acclaimed Showtime Original Comedy Series NURSE JACKIE.

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