[TV MOVIE] Deadly Spa (Lifetime) Starring Amy Pietz & Johnny Whitworth

The upcoming TV Movie Deadly Spa premieres Saturday June 1 (8pm ET/PT) on Lifetime and stars Amy Pietz, Johnny Whitworth, Devon Werkheiser & Tracey Fairaway.

Deadly Spa Synopsis: When Dawn, an overworked single mother, agrees to take her teenage daughter, Kayla, to a luxurious but isolated spa retreat, the women believe they have escaped to a paradise of spa treatments, yoga, and nature hikes until a series of disturbing incidents has Kayla questioning the perfection around her.

Kayla is convinced they have to leave but Dawn is now hooked on the fantasy constructed by David James, the handsome and charismatic founder of The Source. The two women split up, with Kayla determined to hike out of the wilderness no matter what it takes while Dawn must come to terms with her own perception of reality and the growing fear that her daughter was right and has now disappeared.

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