‘Ugly Americans’ Cancelled by Comedy Central

Comedy Central has canceled the animated series Ugly Americans. News of the shows demised was posted by the series producers on Facebook. “As you might have gathered by now, Comedy Central did not renew us for a 3rd season. The reason this notice is coming so late is that, in spite of lukewarm ratings, the network did everything in their power to keep the show alive by trying to find outside financing. We came very close but unfortunately some legal technicalities kept any deals from going through.”

‘Ugly Americans’ comes from creator Devin Clark, who also directs the sitcom alongside Aaron .
The show, which debuted in March of 2010, follows social worker Mark Lily (voiced by Matt Oberg) who lives in an alternate reality version of New York City that consists of a population full of monsters and more. Daniel Powell (Inside Amy Schumer) serves as the show’s executive producer.

The cast includes Kurt Metzger who voices the role of Randall Skeffington, Mark’s roommate. Natasha Leggero play Callie Maggotbone, Mark’s girlfriend, alongside voice actor Randy Pearlstein as Leonard Powers, Michael -Leon Wooley as Twayne Boneraper, and Larry Murphy in the role of Francis Grimes. ‘Ugly Americans’ comes to a close after a two season, 31-episode run on Comedy Central.