5 Things You Need To Know Before The Killing Season 3 Premiere

The Killing is coming back from the dead this Sunday (June 2nd), and I for one, couldn’t be happier. AMC dropped the ax on Holder and Linden shortly after season two ended, but thanks to a helping hand from Netflix and lower licensing fees, the network uncancelled the modern noir series. It’s no secret that the series takes its share of hits from the press, but as long as you like your mysteries pitch black, your detectives a little rough around the edges and your visual palette full of rainy skies, you are in good (and moody) hands with The Killing.

There are a few things you need to know before you return to those wet and gritty Seattle streets though. While the first two seasons can be thought of as one whole arc devoted to the tragic Larsen case, season three is moving the series in a new direction. Below, I’ve listed the five things you need to know before the premiere…although, if you prefer being 100% spoiler-free, you might want to skip the list.

1. There’s a new case.

There will be no more twists in the Rosie Larsen case. Aunt Terry did it and now it’s time for Holder and Linden to move on to another murder. Or rather a string of murders. Our intrepid detectives will be on the trail of a serial killer who preys on street kids this season, which means the story is going to be bigger and most likely even darker that the self-contained Larsen case.

(And yes, for those who are still bitter about season one ending on a cliffhanger, creator Veena Sud told EW that the new case will be solved by the end of the season.)

2. But it’s really an old case for Linden.

When season three begins, Linden is happily retired from the detective game, but her happiness isn’t destined to last long once Holder shows up on her doorstep with a case that sounds all too familiar.

Remember the case that led to Linden almost losing her son, her career and her sanity? Well, she’s going to revisit it this season. The most recent trailer revealed Linden will return to the field depicted in the picture she has been carrying around for the past two seasons. The big question is, how is the case connected to the serial killings and does that mean Linden put the wrong man behind bars?

3. Peter Sarsgaard is going to be terrifying.

Sarsgaard will be playing Ray Seward, the man Linden put away years ago who is now facing his final 30 days on death row. While the killings have started up once more despite Seward being locked away, that doesn’t mean he’s good or innocent. In fact, in the trailer linked above, he’s both brutal and very, very scary. In an Q&A at AMC’s The Killing blog, Sud had this to say about Seward:

“There is something that is so brilliantly internal about Peter. He takes all these characteristics of extreme violence and he sucks it deep within him, and it becomes more terrifying because of it. He’s like this serpent who will kill you, quietly.”

In other words, be prepared to never look at indie film darling Sarsgaard quite the same way again.

4. Holder has traded in his hoodie for a tie.

When we first met Holder he was a scruffy recovering drug addict who in the words of Linden, ate pork rinds and dressed like Justin Beiber, but in the year that has lapsed between seasons two and three, Holder has cleaned up his act and gotten serious about his career. This means his portrayer Joel Kinnaman will be sporting suits and ties this year to reflect Holder’s growing maturity. He’ll also have a new partner, but with Linden on her way back that probably won’t last for long.

5. Your new favorite character is named Bullet.

Bullet, played by relative newcomer Bex Taylor-Klaus, is one of the street kids who will interact with Holder and Linden this year, and she’s going to be amazing. Don’t believe me? Just check out the video below and try not to be charmed by her tough, but protective personality.

The Killing season three premieres this Sunday, June 2nd at 8pm ET/PT on AMC. Will you be tuning in?

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