New Faces Showing Up on ‘White Collar

What will season 5 of White Collar look like when it returns this fall to the USA Network? Well, one thing is for sure, there will be a couple new faces showing up.

According to a report at Huffington Post, actor Warren Kole, most recently seen in a recurring role on the FOX thriller ‘The Following’ and who was also the star of the short-lived USA Network series ‘Common Law’, will be playing Agent David Seigel, Neal Caffrey’s (series lead Matt Bomer) “noticeably young, decidedly handsome and ambitious” new handler. Yep, you read that right – Neal’s new “handler”.

As fans of the show will recall, Peter (series lead Tim DeKay) took the fall for shooting a senator in the fourth season’s final episode, a crime that was actually committed by Neal’s dad James (played by Treat Williams). Seeing how James cut and run after that fatal shot, Peter is left in some pretty hot water and a replacement has been put in place to “handle” Neal. Needless to say, that probably won’t go over well with Neal or Mozzie (series regular Willie Garson) or even Peter for that matter.

But wait, that’s not all. There are going to be some other new faces cropping up on ‘White Collar’, including actor Richard Thomas, former star of the classic series ‘The Waltons’ and more recently seen on the acclaimed FX series ‘The Americans’, who will appear in the second episode of the fifth season, playing Grant Wolcott, the “patriarch of a wealthy New York City family”; actor Zachary Booth, who played Patty Hewes’ son on ‘Damages’ will appear in the same episode, playing Patrick Wolcott, the “recently returned prodigal son of the family” and young, newcomer actress Kara Hayward, who starred in the critically acclaimed box office film ‘Moonrise Kingdom, playing Beatrix Wolcott, the “bookish adolescent Wolcott heir”.

The season premiere of the fifth season of ‘White Collar’ has yet to be announced, but fans can anticipate a fall return on the USA Network.