Psych Season 7 Finale Advance Review “No Trout About It” – Changes in the Air?

Psych - Season 7 Finale - No Trout About It

In the Psych season 7 finale, the gang races against time to solve a crime, while simultaneously trying to save their own butts.

All right folks, it’s time for another advance review. You know what that means? Yep, you got it, it’s time to play another game of “How much can I say without giving away spoilers.”

Shules and… Guchel?

Okay, so I have no idea if anyone ever referred to Gus and Rachel as “Guchel,” but I decided to just throw that out there. Remember my last review when I said I was confused about the last five minutes of the episode because a lot happened between those two couples off screen? Also remember how I thought maybe it was because they were going to do something big with those stories in the finale? Yeah, just forget all that. What you saw in the last episode is exactly what you get in this one. Nothing more, nothing less.

The case

The case in this episode is a lot of fun, mostly because we get to see it played out after the fact as the gang tells their story for reasons I can’t really discuss. Well, I could discuss them but that would just ruin it, so I’m not gonna. Anyway, Shawn and Gus get a case that (for more reasons I can’t discuss) must be solved in 48 hours. In true Shawn and Gus fashion, things get more complicated and there is a major fiasco that leaves all of them in major trouble.

The guest star

Anthony Michael Hall is brilliant in this episode. He plays a guy who is not very important to the story, but also a complete nut-job. And I mean that in the best way possible. Watching Hall play out his character’s odd little quirks was a delight and I truly had a blast watching him.

The end

I have to admit, after seeing that nothing new was going to be revealed about why Shawn and Gus’ relationships suddenly went the way they did in the last episode, I was a bit grumpy as this one started. Plus, it seemed like just your run-of-the-mill case and I kept asking myself when we were going to get to the good stuff. All I can say is that the good stuff is there, you just have to be patient. By the end of this episode, you’re going to be surprised by more than a few things that happen. Some of those surprises are obviously going to affect the gang next season and as we got to the end of the episode, I found myself picturing where everyone would be at the beginning of season 8. I hate to say it, folks, but this one is going to make the next hiatus feel like a really long time.

My favorite (non-spoilery) bits.

“Don’t hit any humans!”

“Get out of my way! I’m a psychic, damn it!”

The various ways Gus can find to break an uncomfortable silence.

“People love to laugh, and be held down and tickled.”

Finding out how Gus and Shawn define “going over old files.”

“At least I’m not a part-time stripper like McNab.”

“Feel free to emote now.”

“My senses never lie, and neither do my hips.”

“That is one sexy book club – just books and panties.”

Shawn arguing with a man over the best Duran Duran song.

“Don’t die.”
“I’ll try.”

“That is a bald-faced lie.”
“You’re a bald-faced lie.”

“Look, your butt-kissing is chapping my ass.”

Lassie trying to strangle Shawn to death. (Trust me, when you know why he’s doing it, you’ll get why I enjoyed it so much)

“Are you crazy? He’s covered in dead dude, Shawn.”

Finding out the name that McNab dances under. (Trust me, you don’t want me to spoil it.)

“I want to get something off my chest.”
“That’s a job for the strongest waxer, isn’t it?”

The Psych season 7 finale airs tonight at 10/9C on USA. Once you’ve seen the episode, be sure to come back up here and let me know what you thought of it. I love hearing from you guys!

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