My Top 6 Returning Summer TV Shows

Royal Pains cast, Falling Skies cast, Kiera - Continuum, Burn Notice cast, Longmire cast, Major Crimes cast

Last week I talked about 5 new summer shows I plan to watch; this week I want to look at my favorite returning summer shows. I made a list of the returning shows I will watch, and it came to eleven! Yikes, that is a lot of TV, especially when you include the new programs I talked about last week! Below I will discuss the top six, and just list the remaining ones at the bottom.

One interesting thing I noticed after I completed my list is that two cable networks are heavily represented – TNT and USA. I really do enjoy cable programming, and am also in love with their practice of showing episodes more than once in a week for those of us that mess up our taping.


Longmire cast

This program on A&E caught my attention last year because Katee Sackhoff stars in it. She is a favorite of mine from Battlestar Galactica. Add in Lou Diamond Phillips and Cassidy Freeman, and what’s not to love?

Longmire, which premieres its new season May 27, tells the story of a modern day sheriff out west. Katee plays his deputy who is transplanted from the big city. What I like the best about this show is the low tech approach to solving crimes. Don’t get me wrong, I love the jazzy black light crime scene as much as the next person, but it is a refreshing change to watch someone trace a bullet path by eye and not automatically send everything to the crime lab for near instant results!


Kiera - Continuum

The second season of this program is already airing in Canada, and now it is our turn in the US to watch it. It premieres its second season in the US on June 7. This SyFy channel show is about a group of future terrorists who travel back to modern day Vancouver to prevent the rise of the corporations that control the future. One law enforcement officer also manages to travel back with them, and is trying to stop them.

There are many interesting questions related to this series, including can the past actually be changed? There have been some indications that possibly it cannot, since certain events that they tried to stop from happening occurred anyway. I am also enjoying the web of relationships between these characters and their ancestors. Normally in time travel programs there is such concern about not altering the timeline that such contact is absolutely forbidden. In this series, however, that restriction does not exist.

Royal Pains

Jill, Evan, Hank, Divya - Royal Pains

This program is mostly light fare, with a good mixture of snark, medical mystery, MacGyvered field treatment of illnesses and injuries and the right amount of interpersonal drama. In December, there was a special episode where Evan and Paige finally got married, but of course as is necessary on TV, nothing went right. When they finally tied the knot, it was just not the way they planned it.

And, of course, to set the stage for the upcoming season, the two hour special ended with Hank being the patient. It seems that his head injury from the concussive blast at Boris’s house was more serious than everyone thought. What does this mean for HankMed? The new season premieres June 12 on USA.

Burn Notice

Madeline, Sam, Michael, Fiona - Burn Notice

When last we saw Michael and his intrepid band of friends, Michael had just sacrificed all to clear their names with the CIA. The problem is that he appears to be back as an employee of the very organization he does not trust. What does that mean for Michael? And, what does it mean for Michael and Fiona?

The ads for this show are saying the upcoming season will be the last. So now I am thinking about how I would like the series to end. Do I want the traditional happy ending for these characters? Sam finally retiring to be a full time boy toy for some rich widow, Jesse going fully legit and continuing with his recent career in corporate security, and Michael and Fiona starting a consulting business and making adorable babies… Or do I want an explosive ending that leaves everyone dead or in prison? These characters have been through so much, lost so much – oh, Fiona, your poor snow globes! – so I think I want the happy ending for them. Burn Notice returns June 6 on USA.

Falling Skies

Tom, Matt, Hal, Ben, Anne, Weaver - Falling Skies

Woo hoo, the 2nd Mass and the big bad aliens are back, and now there is a new alien thrown into the mix – will the new alien be good or evil? Can we trust him? Then we have the issue of Tom and Anne’s unborn child – did the aliens do something to him while he was aboard the ship between seasons 1 and 2? Will it affect the baby? And what about Hal, who appears to be under the influence of the aliens – while his dad and the rest of the 2nd Mass are totally unaware!

I for one cannot wait to hear the answers to these questions. This show co-stars Colin Cunningham, who was on Stargate SG-1, another big plus from my point of view! It premieres June 9 on TNT.

Major Crimes

Cast of Major Crimes

This spin-off from The Closer, starting its second season on June 10 on TNT, grew on me last season. I have previously discussed how I am inclined to give a new program a chance to get its “legs” and I am glad I stuck with this show. No, it is not The Closer, which I do miss a lot! And this early in, it is not yet close to what The Closer was, but it showed a steady improvement over the course of season 1.

Most of the regulars from The Closer made the transition to this show, which provides a familiar frame of reference – but the similarities end there, since this show takes the action in a new direction. The new focus is on how to minimize the cost to the criminal justice system while still making sure the perpetrators are locked up.

The Rest of My List

Suits cast, Franklin & Bash cast, Pierce - Perception, Switched at Birth cast, Rizzoli & Isles

Suits – USA, July 16.

Perception – TNT, June 25.

Rizzoli and Isles – TNT, June 25.

Franklin and Bash – TNT, June 19.

Switched at Birth – ABC Family, June 10.


So now you know what I will be watching this summer. How about you? Tell me about your list for this summer in the comment section below!