Dan Harmon In Talks To Return To ‘Community’

Community creator Dan Harmon is currently negotiating a return to the NBC series, as shared by The Hollywood Reporter. Harmon is said to be in talks with Sony Pictures Television. The studio has not yet issued a statement surrounding the possibility. Harmon first shared the news of his possible reprisal on the latest edition of his podcast ‘Harmontown’ in a segment that has yet to be released online. Unfortunately, fans of the creator will most likely not be able to hear the details since Harmon has been asked by the studio to edit the news of his possible deal.

As ‘Community’ fans will remember well, Harmon ran the show for three seasons before reportedly being fired prior to the launch of season four. “I would have fired me,” Harmon previously shared after being shown the door. “Sony was always so bummed out about the way I wrote and thought, and they always fantasized about doing the show without me.”

There was also the infamous incident between Harmon and veteran actor Chevy Chase after the two shared words. Details of an embarrassing voice mail left by Chase on Harmon’s phone had surfaced. Chase left the show on his own accord months after Harmon’s exit. Could Sony be looking to get Harmon to return to improve the series fifth season? ‘Community’ is scheduled to return to NBC in the fall.