Awkward Season 3 Review “Rubbed Raw and Reeling”

Jenna was still actively distancing herself from boyfriend Matty in this week’s Awkward, ‘Rubbed Raw and Reeling’, but she still hasn’t quite figured out why. This week her worries stemmed from Colin’s flirting and the seed of doubt planted in her suggestible head but, meanwhile, poor Matty doesn’t have a clue anything’s wrong.

He’s definitely heading for heartbreak, which is a smooth switch-around from Jenna’s own romantic turmoil in seasons one and two. Now that Matty has gotten over his popularity issues and embraced his relationship with a girl not necessarily on the same social level as him, Jenna holds all of the power. Really, she has done nothing but push his away this season, and we as viewers can’t really blame her. Colin represents what is waiting for Jenna outside of high school, and she’s no longer sure that she wants the man she chased for two seasons.

The plot of the episode again focused on Jenna’s interest in writing, the talent she shares with new guy Colin. When her teacher dares her to read something personal at an open mic night, she has to go ahead even with her parents there. A heckling Sadie doesn’t help, either, but Jenna ends up being a smash hit at the cafe, even scoring a writing job on somebody’s blog. Before she went on, she desperately wanted Matty to come and support her but, after she was done, that wasn’t so much the case.

Meanwhile, Matty and Jake enjoyed a boy’s night in, desperately trying to survive the evening without mentioning either Jenna or Tamara. The night descends into a mess of dares and testosterone-fueled bluffing – standard male bonding. Despite being hilarious, it was nice to see a storyline about guys who had lost their sense of self through their co-dependent relationships, when it’s usually women who are traditional shown to be reliant on their boyfriends for a self of identity. I do wonder what will become of this dynamic if Jenna no longer dates Matty – I guess then it’s time for him to get it together with Sadie.

What did you think of the episode? What do you think of the new love triangle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.