Storage Wars Season 4 Review “Orange You Glad Dan Sold It Again?” & “Barry’s Angels”

With most shows concluding their seasons for the summer, Storage Wars just keeps trucking along with two more brand new episodes as our night of locker auction goodness gets started with “Orange You Glad Dan Sold It Again?” I was a little surprised, judging by the title of the episode, that the auction didn’t take place in Orange, California. Nope, instead we go to the Extra Storage location in the city where I work: Burbank!

Not only are we introduced to the real entertainment capital for the first time, but we were also introduced to a brand new buyer in Rene Nezhoda. He also brought along his too-old-for-tiny-shorts wife Casey, and Dan and Laura were quick to introduce him as a big time player. I didn’t mind him too much, so I’d be totally fine with him becoming a more frequent recurring buyer. Anything is better than the Harris twins!

Barry bought the first locker of the night for a way-too-high amount of $1,500 in an effort to send a message to Rene, but it actually backfired on him as he notched yet another loss. The one thing I do appreciate about Barry, though, is that this guy sells his stuff immediately! I always complain that some of these guys will way overestimate the value of the stuff they just purchased, but Barry shows us that he’s actually selling this gear for these crazy high amounts. Who knows? He could be making more than everybody else!

Rene got the second locker of the night for a whopping $4,000. After all of last week’s lockers barely got past $500, it was nice to finally see a locker get up to multiple thousands. It was kind of weird that he didn’t have any appraisals, instead just rapid-fire evaluating the price of everything he purchased. I think he probably set some sort of Storage Wars record for most values given in a 60 second span!

We then made it to another Extra Storage location in Riverside as Mike and Herb beat out The Schultzes for our third locker of the evening. The Orange Crush syrup pump was an interesting find, and it’s crazy stuff like that that make me keep coming back to this show every week. I love hearing the history behind goofy pieces like that, as I would have guessed that some gaudy Orange Crush dispenser would have been worth twenty bucks if you were lucky. Good for the Fake Tank Top Twins for another good find!

Our second episode of the evening, “Barry’s Angels”, finds our buyers in Torrance as Johan and her dad return along with Rene and Casey for three more lockers.

Rene bought the first locker for $725, and he was able to get a CM Russell knockoff to cover his investment all by itself! I was impressed that he was able to identify the artist of the bronze, even if he wasn’t able to correctly identify it as a fake.

Barry and his “angels” won the second unit for $1,125, but he originally got absolutely nothing out of the locker except for an empty toolbox and some inappropriate groping. He then gets taken to an Irish pub for what felt like one of the most staged moments in Storage Wars history. Rowdy Roddy Piper himself comes out (playing the bagpipes, of course), and promptly awards Barry a whopping one thousand bucks for a kilt. This whole scene felt totally manufactured, as there’s no way that old kilt was worth that much, but whatever. Yet again, Barry’s gettin’ paid up front!

Darrell won the last locker of the night for $2,300, and able to squeeze out a small profit of a little over $300 for finding some cat transportation. My second favorite part of the Storage Wars experience, behind finding all of the crazy stuff in the lockers, is the crazy people they take them to for their appraisal. I loved how appropriately awkward and out of place the cat lady felt, and it was an amusing conclusion to two solid episodes.

Random Thoughts:

– Isn’t calling a store the “Bloomingdales of thrift stores” a bit of an oxymoron?

– Between Herb and Mike’s soda-related zingers and Barry’s terrible foot puns, this was a banner episode for terrible jokes.

– Every time an episode of Storage Wars come to a close with the funny little tag at the end, and then it transitions directly into the warning disclaimer for feral hogs for the show American Hoggers, it never ceases to crack me up.