Revolution Season 1 Review “Children of Men” — What’s on Level 12?

Revolution Episode 19 Children of Men (4)

‘Children of Men’ saw the folks of Revolution finally get into the mysterious tower, which is, we learned a while back, the place to be if they want to turn the power back on. Now with Monroe, Rachel finds the tower more than willing to allow her access, despite her not having the necessary clearance. Miles and co, meanwhile, find Aaron, and an override code in the journal, allowing them access to tower too.

Remember back when Grace was in the tower after Randall left and the lift doors opened? We now know what was inside. Not robot guards or a swarm of murderous nanites, but the people who were left behind in the tower when the power went out (and their children). They have taken it upon themselves to stay in the tower, sealed in, to protect whatever is on level 12.

Meanwhile, Miles and Nora found Monroe and we were left at a stand off, both guys with coil guns, ready to blow the other into little bits.

To be completely honest, I would be happy if Miles was blown to smithereens. While ‘Children of Men’ was a good episode, it wasn’t as good as the penultimate episode of a season should be. First, as per usual, Miles, Nora et al were sort of boring. Second, it was clear early on that the tower would leave Rachel alive, but when Monroe was able to shuffle to safety, even as his men exploded around him, the tension was gone for good.

Then there was the reveal of who the folks in the tower actually are. The result: uber-pacifists who may or may not have a really good point. Not about keeping the power off to stop people fighting — people have been murdering each other forever — but about the risk of burning up the planet being too great. When it comes down to no power or a burning atmosphere, the choice is easy.

(Of course, the whole burning the atmosphere thing is as bad as the nanites absorbing all electrical energy thing, so while the tower folks made a good point, it wasn’t as part of a particularly good plot.)

We were left to contemplate the mystery of what might be on level 12, and how Rachel would make her way down there. Will she be able to convince the tower folks that the possible risks of turning the power on are small enough to make an attempt worthwhile? Will she have to sneak past or fight past them? Will she team up with Monroe to get down there and then finally kill him? So much to ponder.

The best bit of this episode was occurring outside of the tower. Caught by the militia as they covered the gang’s entrance into the tower, Neville and Jason spent the episode tied up in a tent and playing mind games. Neville quickly identified the weakest militia captain attending him, and he and Jason convinced said captain to help initiate a coup.

It seems as though Jason was going along with it in hopes of being freed, but does Neville have designs on actually running the militia? Most likely. Neville taking over the Monroe Republic would be a fantastic way to kick off season two — even if the Neville Republic doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

Next week sees season one come to an end. I’ll give Revolution this: if there are any winners at the end of this season, it’s hard to guess who they will be. If the power comes back on, who will be in control of it? And if it doesn’t, how will the second season possibly proceed? Let’s just hope that the loser after next week’s episode isn’t the audience…

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