Nurse Jackie Season 5 Review “Teachable Moments”

Oh how I wish I could forget the sight of the crazed patient’s butt crack as he destroyed the pharmacy, which was the result of Gloria forgetting to get him a security escort. Thanks, Nurse Jackie! Gloria may have forgotten the escort, but she certainly didn’t forget that Jackie was a recovering addict. Seriously, what is with Gloria?

Thanks to Frank’s in-person cancellation of his lunch date with Jackie, we finally got a plan to figure out the Gloria mystery and we saw Jackie flash a really sweet, sincere smile thanks to her new cop friend. I’m glad that he made it out of the shooting unscathed. Is Jackie going to be able to juggle the anxiety that accompanies dating a first responder along with the other sources of stress and anxiety? We’ll see. I loved the final scene of the episode.

I knew it was only a matter of time before Coop and Roman’s loud sex became public knowledge. I didn’t expect, however, that it would be revealed because Coop didn’t have the good sense to turn off his Dictaphone during his afternoon delight. I loved that the horrible revelation led Zoey to sanitize her hands and her ears.

This week’s episode pointed out one problem that I’m beginning to have with this season – aside from being saddled with Dr. Roman – Zoey. The writers seem to have no idea what to do with her. Zoey is funny, charming, loveable and a great foil to Jackie’s prickliness. Although I love watching her interact with everyone, the character feels wasted this season.

We’re seven episodes in and we still don’t know much about Dr. Prentiss. He’s not a hugger, not into gestures and he’s not exactly a people person. Zoey seems to be breaking through his tough demeanor, but I hope that we get a little more insight as to how Prentiss arrived at this place.

Looks like Frank and Kevin will finally come face to face next week and we’ll get more information on Gloria’s mysterious condition. I can’t wait! What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!