The Glades Season 4 Review “Yankee Dan”

The Glades started its fourth season with a dead body at a haunted former plantation with a dark history of slavery and murder. History seems to repeat itself when the plantation owner’s descendant is discovered dead on the kitchen floor with an ax in her back. Jim Longworth returns to work with an unanswered marriage proposal hanging over his head and is immediately tasked with figuring out whodunit.

What ensues resembles something out of the paranormal shows infesting cable television. As Jim and Carlos stand in the living room, an apparition moves past them. They are seemingly guided upstairs where they stumble across a ghost hunter hiding in the closet. At the same time, Jim notices a painting of the old proprietor, Yankee Dan.

When the stories of the dead woman’s husband and sister don’t add up, Jim goes back to the house to seek guidance from Yankee Dan’s long dead spouse, Martha. Jim calls out to the spirit for a sign. Drawing from the typical bag of ghost tricks, the air turns cold, a golf club inexplicably falls to the ground, and the painting flies off the wall. At this point, I’m feeling like they sacrificed the story development of the sister and husband for theatrics.

Jim figures out that the spectre is pointing him in the direction of Yankee Dan’s pocket watch. He decides to mosey down to the family crypt and see if the watch is still on the corpse. The watch is gone, which leads Jim to conclude that dead girl was murdered by her sister because she wanted to prevent the sale of the watch. He confronts the sister in a ridiculous scene. The sister isn’t nearly insulated enough by Jim’s outlandish accusations. Within moments, Jim learns his theory is wrong, so he turns to the next one. His jumps from one cockamamie theory to the next strip him of any credibility. I don’t think it helped matters that each commercial break showed promos for the new season of Longmire – a show where the lead character feels like a proper lawman.

Turns out the murderer is the ghost hunter. The tenuous reason for his rage-induced homicide is that he didn’t want the historical property sold because the ghost wouldn’t like it. Sigh. That’s the best they could come up with here? Even embracing the otherworldly plotline, this was a lame mystery reveal. Worst of all, when Jim sends the ghost hunter away in cuffs, he then turns to the empty room and asks Martha if he did a good job. As a puff of white swirls past him and out the window, he says, “Rest in peace, Martha. Now you and your husband can be together forever.” Oh brother.

Most importantly for show fans, the will-they or won’t-they of Jim and Callie’s relationship is definitively decided when she agrees to marry him. They’re still planning on the long-distance arrangement, so we’ll have to see how that plays out. Be sure to check out the TV Equals interviews with the cast on the direction for the fourth season. It sounds like the Callie/Jim relationship may have a bumpy road ahead.

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