Continuum Season 2 Review “Second Opinion”

Over the last two seasons, disregarding the dalliance with Kellogg she enjoyed during the break, Kiera Cameron has been a pillar of strength when it comes to getting home to her family and doing whatever to takes to get there. In this week’s Continuum, ‘Second Opinion, however, our heroine isn’t doing too well emotionally as her son’s birthday rolls around, brought on somewhat by the family of her fallen friend seen in episode four.

A flashback shows us that, like most kids, Kiera’s son has a tendency to blame himself when a parent starts being absent, and she worries that her disappearance will be plaguing him in the same way. She keeps a toy soldier bought for him on his last birthday and, as people start playing with it without a care for its importance, she progresses further and further to the edge. She’s abruptly pushed over it when Gardiner, armed with some authorities and a dismissal for Dillon, start questioning her about the dubious existence of Section 6 and where her intel is really coming from.

While it’s satisfying to see her finally retaliate against Gardiner’s constant goading, it doesn’t do her any favors when trying to prove her innocence. We know there is no Section 6, of course, but we also know that Kiera isn’t strictly working with Liber8, either. Her emotional breakdown triggers an in-built counselor hologram who, inconveniently, disables her systems and disconnects her from Alec and his life-saving tech skills. The rest of the episode is a race against two clocks – one to deal with her issues before the program deletes her memories, and the other to delete incriminating files before Gardiner gets his hands on them.

Help comes from Betty, who also has some apparently innocent yet incriminating data on the system, and Kiera eventually convinces everyone that it was Liber8 framing the two of them as the moles. Little does she know that Betty – sweet, innocent, geeky Betty – is the real mole, and has been working with Liber8 for an undisclosed amount of time. As twists go, this is as big of a deal as the previous revelation that Jason is Alec’s biological father, and sadly puts Carlos even further in the dark. It’s a good job for the show that he’s not very inquisitive, but he’s failing at his job if he’s got two co-workers connected with Liber8 right under his nose.

Meanwhile, Alec is progressing towards his dark future with alarming speed, accepting Kellogg’s offer of a secure bat cave and a familiar-looking company card, and inviting Jason (who he knows is his father?!?) in to work with him. How long is it before Alec and Kiera’s agendas become too different? I’m intrigued as to what a Continuum without the two of them on the same side would look like, but I didn’t expect the development to happen so quickly. Kellogg has always worked brilliantly as a ‘shade of grey’ character, and bringing Alec into his schemes nicely deepens a lot of the show’s dynamics.

What did you think of the episode? Are you surprised to learn about Betty’s secret allegiances? Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments below.

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