The Glades Interview: Carlos Gomez and Jordan Wall Tease Wacky Cases, Families and Getting Into Trouble

The Glades

The Glades season 4 premieres on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27 at 9/8C on A&E. TV Equals was on set when stars Carlos Gomez and Jordan Wall sat down to chat about the upcoming season. The two chatted with us about what’s coming up with both of their characters, including meeting family members, wacky guesses and the two of them getting into trouble together.

Here are a few things we learned from the interviews:

There are going to be some wacky cases coming up in season 4. Asked about what kinds of cases the team will be solving this season, Gomez said, “I think you’re going to see wackier cases. We have a lot of different kind of Florida scenarios – not to give it away, but we have a zombie thing coming around.

But it’s not only going to be about the wackiness, but the characters, too. On the same subject, Gomez added, “I think what’s good about our show is the relationship between the characters. So I think you’re going to see a lot of more of what’s happening with us away from the cases and stuff. Which should be interesting.”

We’re going to see Carlos’ family again in season 4. Gomez teased that we’re going to see the Sanchez family again. “I think my family’s going to come back this season. We have a case that I think involves something to bring back my wife and my kids and stuff. So I think we’re going to be seeing them again, which is great for my character because I am a family.”

We’re also going to see a little bit of Carlos’ past. Asked more about what we can expect from Carlos this season, Gomez said, “There is a past that I had before [I was] here and I think we’re going to be touching upon that more into the later part of the season. So yeah, it should be interesting. Jacqueline Obradors, who played my wife, is a fantastic actress from Atlanta. I can’t wait to work with her again. I’m really looking forward to that [story], because it’s great to have, in American television, a Latin family that is – like I’ve said every season, that’s not just killers and shooting and stuff. We did a Quinceañera episode that was really great and people loved the episode because it brings out more of my culture – I’m Cuban-American – and what we do here in Miami as Cubans.”

Carlos and Daniel will work together a lot this season. Everybody loves the Carlos and Daniel dynamic and it looks like we’re going to get to see more of that this year. “[Carlos and Daniel] are going to be doing a lot more work together. Because, you know, Longworth is in every scene of the show, so I think they’re trying to piece it together [and] give us, me and Daniel, a little bit more work. Matt is a little bit more work on the outside.”

Carlos and Jim, however, may end up clashing this season. Asked about how things are going to go between Carlos and Jim this season, Gomez said, “There’s going to be a situation that happens with them and in [the second] half of the season there’s going to be like an interesting relationship clash between me and him. Things happen that are going to – it’s going to change a little bit of the dynamics [between] us, but I think it’s going to be interesting where we see these two guys go. It’s that kind of ball busting relationship that we’ve had with each other.”

Wall loves playing Daniel because of his bright, innocent view of the world. Asked what it’s been like to play the role of Daniel, Wall said, “playing Daniel’s great. It’s fantastic. It’s a lot of fun to play somebody who sees the world with bright innocent eyes. Everything is new and fresh to him, and that’s just a wonderful way to approach things. I get to do that every day as Daniel. It’s very exciting.”

We’re going to learn something surprising about Daniel in season 4. Asked to tease what we can expect from Daniel this season, Wall said, “One of the exciting things about being a regular in a series is every script you learn something else, and there’s the opportunity to flesh out the character a little bit more. Sometimes you’re surprised by certain things and this season, I actually was surprised by something we’ll find out about Daniel.”

We’re going to meet some of Daniel’s family in season 4. On the same subject, Wall added, “We’ll get a little peek at [Daniel’s] family life. We meet someone in this family and I think what’s interesting about it is they’re antithetical. They bounce things off one another in very opposite manners that come together to create something pretty inventive. You learn why he is who he is and how it juxtaposes against other members in this family.”

Wall feels that Daniel is growing closer to Carlos as a mentor. Asked about what kinds of shenanigans Carlos and Daniel will be getting into this season, Wall said, “Carlos and I are always getting into trouble together. Yeah, we’re going to get our hands dirty and Daniel always loves doing that. Carlos not so much. And there’s going to be a little bit of ribbing back and forth between the two. Every season there’s more of a comfort between all of the characters, but certainly in Daniel’s case, I think there’s a growing comfort with Carlos. So we’re going to see a-a lot more back-and-forth between the two of them and a lot more on-location events.”

The dynamic between Daniel and Jim will change this season. Asked about how he would describe Daniel and Jim’s relationship in season 4, Wall said, “There’s a little more sarcasm between the two. Jim has always poked Daniel, but now Daniel pokes back a little bit. It’s very exciting as an actor to see that kind of development, however small it is, in your relationship. It’s going to become a little more brotherly between Jim and Daniel. I think Daniel’s always looked up to Jim. Jim has always been the big brother to Daniel that he has looked up to and envied a little bit. You know, Jim gets the girls. Jim’s witty, and Daniel aspires to be that. But Daniel also respects what Jim does. Jim’s very good at his job, and Daniel’s very efficient at what he does, and he wants to be as excellent at his job as Longworth is. I think Daniel grew up always wanting to carry a gun in his side pocket and wear a badge and be a hero, and maybe one day he will be. But he’s taken notes from Jim. That’s the relationship.”

What do you think now that you’ve heard more about The Glades season 4 from a couple of its cast members? Are you excited to see what happens with Carlos and Daniel this season?

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