The Glades Interview: Michelle Hurd and Uriah Shelton on Dealing with Jim as a Subordinate and Maybe a Step-dad?

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TV Equals got the chance to visit the set of A&E’s The Glades and chat with stars Michelle Hurd (who plays Colleen on the show) and Uriah Shelton (who plays Jeff on the show) about how the relationship between Jim and Callie will affect both their characters this season.

Here are a few things we learned from the interviews:

The repercussions of Jim and Callie’s relationship will filter into his job. Asked how things with Jim and Callie will affect Colleen and the rest of the precinct, Hurd said, “Well I think Jim’s relationship with Callie always kind of filters into the workplace in some format.”So there’s a little something that filters in there. Whether it’s good or bad, I can’t tell you.”

Don’t expect Colleen to break down any time soon on the show. With all that’s happening with Jim and Callie, could we ever see Colleen going through her own emotional trauma someday? “You know, it’s interesting because as an actress I have to say I quite enjoy the fact that Colleen is just a really strong, intelligent woman who – you know, the character is the director of Florida Department Law Enforcement. And the thing I kind of enjoy about it is that we don’t see this woman having these sort of like moments where she just starts to cry. So there’s something about the fact that we don’t see a lot of the personal life of Manus, because she’s here to do the job, she needs to make sure her stations are run proficiently, that people aren’t messing around. I really like that about her. We may end up getting tiny tastes here and there of something else going on in her world. But I just want to be careful about that.” Hurd said.

Colleen and Jim have a very unique relationship that we’ll continue to see this season. Colleen and Jim have butted heads in the past, but they ultimately understand each other. “Colleen and Jim, over the seasons, have developed a really good relationship, like they have a really good rapport. He will say something snarky, she kind of gives him a little “mm,” but then lets him go. He knows how to push little buttons and she allows it.” Hurd revealed.

Colleen sees Jim a big kid. Why does Colleen let Jim get away with as much as he does? “I realized that for Manus’ point of view, she probably thinks of him as this teenage boy. Jim kind of likes that, you know, that he has somebody who sort of allows him to get away with some play and doesn’t hit him over the head which maybe a male boss would’ve done. Like [make him] put a uniform on or whatever

With a zombie episode already shot, Hurd is waiting for a musical episode next. We kept hearing about a lot of unusual cases coming up on the series this season, including a case involving zombies, but Hurd doesn’t think it will stop there. “I’m not going to become a zombie. I am not a zombie, but yeah, it’s a good script, we all enjoy that one. But I’m still literally waiting for the musical episode and I want some vampires or werewolves. That’s all I’m asking for.” Hurd joked.

Hurd would like Colleen to leave the substation every once in a while. Asked what she’d like to see her character to do this season, Hurd said, “Colleen’s constantly in the substation, so I wouldn’t mind exiting the house sometimes, you know? I think the first season or the second season I was out a lot with Jim and I think that would be fun to do more of that.”

Kiele Sanchez gets a dirty mouth when Shelton (who plays her teenage son) is around. After Sanchez admitted that she sometimes cursed more than she liked around Shelton, we asked what he thought of his onscreen mother’s potty mouth. “I’m kind of used to it because I’ve been working with actors a lot and actors don’t have the best, um, I don’t know, mouths. But [for] Kiele, I’m willing to get past it. I love her so much. But yeah, that’s something I noticed – she always curses more when I’m around and everybody else is like, “Stop it.” But no, it’s fine. I mean she’s my mom. Everybody’s got their quirks.”

We’re definitely going to see some teenage angst from Jeff this season, but a more sensitive side to him as well. Asked about what we can expect from Jeff with all the drama going on between Jim and his mom, Shelton said, “There’s definitely going to be the teenage angst that’s always going to be there. I mean I’m a teenager, it’s gonna happen. But, the thing is, you’re definitely going to know that I do love her and I do care about her and I put her before me. So you’re gonna see a more sensitive and nicer relationship develop between us.”

Jeff is still a little wary of Jim and his relationship with Callie. Asked how Jeff feels about Jim, Shelton said, “I still think he’s a little wary of Jim. I mean his father just moved out of the picture not too long ago in his eyes and all of a sudden someone new is, you know, coming in and swooping his mom up. And Jeff doesn’t know if Jim is going to take her away from him and Jeff’s going to be left alone. So really I think it is a turning point for Jeff and Jim’s relationship. It could go either way. But I know he likes Jim and I know Jeff thinks Jim’s a good guy.”

Shelton would love to see Jim, Callie and Jeff as a family. Jeff might be wary of Jim, but Shelton would still like to see them all together someday.”In my utopia, I would love just see me, Kiele and Matt, just all our characters, be a family just because, you know, that means I’d be able to spend more time with them on set. But I really would like to see how the dynamic comes, because I was raised with a single mom and there’s no way I would ever want a step-dad. So I would like to see how Jeff would handle a step-dad. I really would like to explore the family dynamic. I think it’d be a really interesting acting opportunity.” Shelton said.

But he would also like to see Jeff have a relationship with his father as well. Even if Jim, Callie and Jeff become a family, Shelton still wants Ray around, too. “I would like to see Ray as part of Jeff’s life. I was raised by a single mom and it was important to have my step-dad in my life. I would love to see [Clayne Crawford, who plays Ray] come back. I think he’s an excellent actor. But I also love the dynamic that we had on set. He’s such a good actor I actually felt like he was my dad and it was such a great experience, and I learned so many things from him.”

What do you think now that you’ve heard more about The Glades season 4 from some of its cast? Do you think Jeff will be happy if his mom accepts Jim’s proposal?

The Glades season 4 premieres on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27 at 9/8C on A&E.

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