Psych Season 7 Review “Nip and Suck It” – Father and Son Games

Psych Season 7 Episode 13 Nip and Suck It

In this episode of Psych, called “Nip and Suck It,” Henry decides to get back into the game after he stumbles across a crime scene and Shawn decides to take on his old man to see who the better detective is.

Henry and Shawn (with Gus as his ever-present sidekick) pitted against each other in a game of “I’m the better detective” was another fun idea on this show that has a long history of fun ideas. Sometimes I forget that it was Henry who taught Shawn his incredible observation skills and in this episode, we saw that Henry is no slouch in that area either. I loved how they each tried to beat the other but ultimately ended up working together in the end.

Because of the Shawn vs. Henry game, I’d say that the first 50 to 55 minutes of this episode were absolutely perfect. The characters were on point, there were some laugh-out-loud moments and it was just a whole lot of fun. Then we got to the last five minutes and suddenly things changed direction in a flash and I was left – not gonna lie – a little confused.

First Henry announces that he might be coming out of retirement to hang up his own sign as an investigator. Now, don’t get me wrong, I got a big kick out of Henry and Shawn trying to solve a case together in this episode. But do I want to see something like that every week? To be fair, it wasn’t exactly clear if Henry would end up getting into the investigator biz, nor if we would even see him on cases in every upcoming episode, but that was my gut response to finding out he wanted to come out of retirement.

Then Shawn just saunters in and casually announces to Gus that he and Jules were back together and everything is fine and dandy. I was already confused about “Shules” the past couple episodes and now I’m just baffled. We really didn’t get to see something that important happen on screen? Juliet finding out the truth about Shawn was so traumatic when it happened, but then it is completely resolved off screen? That just felt so odd.

Finally there was Gus reading his letter and deciding that he and Rachel were over. Now, I’m just hoping that he’s overreacting in that Gus-like way he has, but considering what just happened with Shawn and Juliet, I don’t know what to think anymore. Again, is it possible that their relationship could end that fast?

Now, I do realize that next week is the finale so maybe they just needed to clear up these storylines for something really big, but whoa. Overall, I did like the episode and I am interested to see what happens in the finale so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if things become clearer next week.

My favorite bits..

Funny, I never knew an oriole’s song was “Mr. Booty Man.” Oh wait.

Loving how we’re seeing Henry do Shawn’s tricks with spotting all the evidence of the murder.

“Not a lot of hair left to join that celebration.”

Shawn hoping that the doctor could make him look youthful, astonished and, of course, Asian.

“But you can tell Val I’ll be his Huckleberry forever.” – I am so with her on that one.

Shawn kindly offering his features as a template for new patients.

“I don’t even want to know what you think that means.”

Shawn telling his dad that he didn’t need his help anymore. Oh no he didn’t!

Shawn and Gus in a couples’ massage.

The little noise Gus made when he realized he didn’t get the girl masseuse.

“Your fingers are like magical baby wieners.”

I’m calling bogus. A massage scene and the guys still have their shirts? No fair.

All the noises Gus made as his massage got more and more intense.

“My back feels better, though. Weird.”
“What you’re doing is weird.”

Finding out that it had been 16 days since Gus had spoken to Rachel? Oh noes.

“What took you so long, sonny boy?”

“Why, do you think that’s crazy?”
“No, not if her goal was to make a crazy decision.”

“We were both wrong.”
“You were wrong first.”

Finding out that Shawn still points at the potty and says “Oh look what a big boy I am.”

Shawn’s consternation at not being able to read the note the doctor handed to his father.

“Let’s see what the old fart has up his sleeve.”

Henry holding a “Suck it” sign out of his truck for Shawn and Gus. That made me laugh so hard. Go Henry!

Shawn’s imitation of his father and where he decided to take that phone conversation.

“What took you so long, Daddy boy?”

“Crease? What crease? My black is cracking, Shawn?”

Shawn informing his father that real fake psychics relied on more substantial evidence.

“I just let an appliance salesman inject my face, Shawn.”

Henry informing Joan that he was all about touching. Respectively.

Henry accidentally taking a picture of himself, and discovering how bald he was.

Shawn advising his father to treat his golf club like his baby maker. That whole line just felt wrong coming from a son to a father. Hilarious, but wrong.

“Uh oh, that is one unhappy ending.”

“She must’ve fish-slapped you harder than I thought.”

“Great, so I got ghosts and cellulite. I don’t even need an arrest warrant.”

Shawn pointing out to Lassie how hard it was to do a breakdown with his father.

“These are delicious beacons of heartbreak, Shawn.”

What did you think of this episode of Psych? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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