‘King & Maxwell’ Trailer (TNT): Meet the “Man of Words” and the “Woman of Action”

King and Maxwell

Stars Rebecca Romijn (Ugly Betty) and Jon Tenney (The Closer) introduce viewers to their private eye duo King & Maxwell in the latest trailer from TNT. Based on characters created by best-selling author David Baldacci, the series features Romijn as the “woman of action” Maxwell, while Tenney plays the “man of words” King. The difference between the two is mostly clearly illustrated by Maxwell’s love of firearms and King’s MacGyver-esque tendency to rush into a situation with little more than shoelaces and a laser pointer. Check out the video below to see their odd couple dynamic in action.

Do you think Romijn and Tenney are convincing as Baldacci’s popular PIs?

King & Maxwell premieres Monday, June 10 at 10/9c on TNT.