Warehouse 13 Season 4 Review “The Sky’s the Limit”

Warehouse 13 Season 4 Episode 14 The Sky's the Limit (7)

Warehouse 13 brought the fun back this week with an episode that sent the team in three directions. Myka and Pete were dispatched to Las Vegas to investigate the reason why bodies were falling from the sky, Claudia and Jinks went to England to determine the cause behind a rash of horse jockey injuries, and Artie remained at home to bond with the new owner of the B&B.

There has definitely been a hole in the show since Leena’s character was killed. She never had a huge role, but her character’s quiet solicitude balanced out the louder personalities around her. Abigail Cho (Kelly Hu) has a similar vibe, though her approach to Artie borders on tough love. Artie is initially put off by the idea of a new B&B owner and is even more reluctant to accept this addition to the group after he learns Abigail is there to provide psychotherapy in addition to plant watering. The timing is perfect for Abigail’s arrival. Artie’s trauma has gone on for several episodes and it’s time he moved past it. Abigail should be able to help him do that. Hu is a great choice to succeed Genelle Williams.

For Claudia and Jinx, their trip to England gave Claudia another opportunity to be in change. Since we know Claudia will one day have a larger role in managing the Warehouse, it’s important to see her evolve and come out of the shadow of the rest of the team. She stepped up her game by strutting out in a purple Hervé Leger and flirting with one of the (much older) locals. Through their investigatory persistence, Claudia and Jinx determine that an animal loving stable boy was behind the jockey attacks. The story struck a nice balance of explaining some of the dark side of horse racing (and there is much more to that) with the message that harming the jockeys is not the answer.

As for Myka and Pete, their trip to Vegas had classic Warehouse 13 camp mixed with sentimentality. A has-been magician was unwittingly being helped with his levitation act by his well-meaning granddaughter. Neither realized that once someone went up, they would continue going up until they froze and plummeted back to earth. Pete gets levitated, which ups the ante for finding the artifact. I was worried when they initially got to Vegas that we were going to be in for some kind of Hangover parody. Fortunately, after chatting with some Wolf Pack-esque guys, the story moved on to other territory. Their trip to the first club was funny because of the look on Myka’s face when Pete volunteered to stay behind and do some sleuthing with the strippers.

I have only one complaint this week about the episode – why do they keep wrecking Joanne Kelly’s hair? She is a beautiful woman and, as we saw last week in the black and white episode, her hair can be gorgeous. Even at Comic Con, Kelly’s hair is lovely. Why then do they insist on making her look Roseanne Roseannadanna every week? I get this is rough and tumble Myka who can’t be too girly, but at least stop parting her hair in the middle.

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