The Glades Stars Matt Passmore and Kiele Sanchez on Jim’s Proposal, Callie’s Tough Decision and More

The Glades season 4 premiere

TV Equals recently got to visit the set of A&E’s series The Glades and spoke to stars Matt Passmore and Kiele Sanchez about what fans can expect from the series this summer. Check out our interview below as they talk about Callie’s response to Jim’s proposal, whether Jim is ready for marriage, and more.

Here are few things we learned in the interviews:

No matter what happens with the proposal, Jim will never change. Jim may have softened up a bit after meeting Callie, but no matter what her answer, Passmore assured us that Jim will always be the same guy. “I think Jim’s MO will never change, you know? A leopard can’t change their spots after that long. He’ll always be ‘snarky snarkerson,’ and that’s how he gets things done. I think that we’re seeing an evolution in Jim’s heart, especially to do with Callie. And I think that’s always been the way the show is – and maybe why we forgive Jim a bit, for being a prick in the interrogation room, is because we see just how different he is around this woman.” Passmore said.

The star of the show will always be Florida and its unusual crimes. Asked about what kinds of storylines to expect in season 4, Passmore said. “We start with a Scooby-Doo episode. So we get a little bit of spooky to start off with. The start of this season literally, we go back to our major star, which is Florida, and the things that are about Florida. Every single homicide is set in a part of Florida that is unique.”

The main through-line of the season will be Jim and Callie’s relationship. But even with all the unique crimes, Passmore assures that it’s still about the main characters. “The main thru-line that we see is Jimmy and Callie’s relationship. Will Callie say yes? And if she does, what is that gonna do? You know, I think um, Jim’s a good boyfriend but we’ll see how he goes as a husband.”

If Callie does say yes, Jim will have to work at being a step-dad. Asked if he Jim would make a good step-dad, Passmore said, “I think that’s going to be a work in progress. We’ve always dabbled in dark subjects, or serious subjects, and one subject has always been a guy trying to date a single mom. It never comes down ham-fisted but there are hints of this kind of jockeying position and what it means to start becoming a family unit and each person finding their position. I think that’s definitely something that is going to be becoming more and more evident. You know, ’cause it’s one thing I’ve always wanted to know is like, how does Jeff feel about all this? You know, Jim started out as a mate, and for so long didn’t know he was keen on his mom, so [I] think we’re getting uh we’re starting to get into a little bit of that now.”

We’re going to meet some of Jim’s family this season. Passmore also hinted about some new characters coming up this season, including ones close to Jim. “I think down the track there’s a few characters that I know will be coming into the show that will really open some fun things up about Jim and his family and hopefully more with the other characters too. That’s-that’s what I want to see. I want to see some of the other characters get fleshed out, because every time I see a hint of Carlos’ life or Manus’ life, I get excited.”

Jim’s proposal will make Callie take a good, hard look at her life. Asked about how Callie reacts to Jim’s proposal, Sanchez said, “I think that the thing that’s difficult for my character, is that she’s made so many sacrifices to get where she is. To be in Atlanta and away from her son, this relationship has been really taxing on her as well. But it’s all for a goal, you know? And a dream fulfillment of hers. And so, this proposal I think is much more complicated for her, and they’re also, you know, adults, and I think that Callie understands all too well that jumping into things and following your heart can maybe not be the best decision, always. And her struggle for independence and to be independent as a single mom versus love and a new relationship is sort of where she’s at, at the end of the episode last year. So that’s her struggle.”

The proposal will definitely be dealt with right away in the premiere, but there will also be a time jump. Asked how the premiere picks up with the proposal, Sanchez said, “We’re not ignoring [the proposal], we’re dealing with it. That is sort of where we pick up.” Will there be a time jump? “There is. Yeah. It doesn’t pick up right at the second that the last episode ended.” Will we see Callie’s answer? “You don’t actually get to see my answer. Yeah.”

Jim will understand Callie’s need to mull over his big question. Asked how Jim will respond to Callie taking time to think about the proposal, Sanchez said, “I think that [Jim] understands Callie probably better than everyone else around him does. I think everyone else around them are a little nervous that she is mulling it over or has any hesitation, and I think that he believes in them and I think also trusts her and her process.”

What do you think now that you’ve heard from the stars of The Glades about the season 4 premiere? Do you think that Callie will accept Jim’s proposal?

The Glades season 4 premieres on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27 at 9/8C on A&E.

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