Grimm Season 2 Review “Goodnight, Sweet Grimm”

Grimm Season 2 Episode 22 Goodnight, Sweet Grimm (5)

It looks like Nick may finally be leaving Portland! Throughout the season, it’s been apparent that because Europe is the hub of all things Grimm, the team is in desperate need of a field trip. There’s only so many times that you can rotate between the trailer, police station, magic shop, and house before it gets monotonous. A new locale opens up a world of possibilities for new story lines, settings and characters. I hope that this isn’t a cheap ploy that will fizzle out.

In a surprising season finale cliffhanger, we find that Nick has been put under the green goo zombie spell by Baron Samedi. The blank passport and documents that Renard’s lackey uncovered last week turn out to be corpse-like Nick’s traveling papers. If Nick actually makes it out of Portland, my Euro-Grimm dreams will come true. There’s always the other possibility that the plan is thwarted before wheels up, and Nick returns safely to his cocoon.

Starting at the end, Nick, Juliette, Rosalee, and Monroe head to the shipping container yard to find the Baron and reverse the zombie spell he’s cast. They don’t know how many people he’s altered and quickly realize that they won’t have enough serum to cure them all. When the zombie hoard overwhelms them, Juliette, Monroe and Rosalee run to the safety of their car. All the while, Juliette is yelling that she doesn’t see Nick. Monroe seems oddly unconcerned by the fact that Nick isn’t there. He reasons that Nick is a Grimm and doesn’t need help, but that is hardly the attitude he has taken in the past. Especially given the number of zombies, Monroe couldn’t possible have imagined that Nick would fight them all single-handedly. To the contrary, Nick falls into the Baron’s trap, is goo-ed and loaded into a coffin for transport to the motherland. I can see that the point of Monroe’s action was to put Nick in the position of being alone to further that story. There could have been a better way, though. Monroe has demonstrated time and again that he’s got Nick’s back, so this seemed incongruous.

We’ve had quite a change in Juliette. She asks Nick for details on his Wesen investigation, she participates in the questioning of a former zombie, and she insists on investigating the shipping containers with the team. I was apprehensive that she could integrate with the group and was pleasantly surprised. Non-whiny Juliette is not so bad. There was a funny moment when she asked the former zombie what kind of Wesen he was. After a scolding look from Rosalee, Juliette just shrugged, which was a funny and appropriate response. She’s new to this world, so there might be a few bumps here and there. It was nice to see her back together with Nick, too.

The relationship between Rosalee and Monroe heats up. After Rosalee takes the initiative to move things to the next level, there is a sweet moment where she changes into a Fuchsbau and Monroe tells her how beautiful she is. The moral is clearly that she is the most beautiful when she is her natural self, and that Monroe loves every side of her. Their relationship is adorable, which is in large part due to Silas Weir Mitchell and Bree Turner.

Aside from Nick’s upcoming vacation, the Wesen side stirred up more intrigue. Adalind finally rid herself of Frau Pech. I am guessing that when we return Adalind will be ready to have her demon baby. Then she’ll be on the road to Hexenbiest restoration. There’s also the interesting question now of where Renard’s loyalties lie. Eric has offered him a chance to rejoin the royal fold, and Renard told him he’d consider it. I don’t think Renard is ready to flip sides and go against Nick. My biggest worry is that Renard has followed his brother to the shipping container yard and will free Nick. It would be so anticlimactic and a waste of an opportunity for some exciting new stories. The problem all season has been the inconsistency of the stories. Some episodes are exciting, while a decent chunk of them are humdrum. As I’ve said many times, Grimm could be great, but it is not there yet. I hope that they take the break to focus on wowing us next year.

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