Awkward Season 3 Review “Guilt Trippin'”

Was it just me, or did Jenna’s stress spiral about being obnoxious in this week’s Awkward, ‘Guilt Trippin’’, just make her seem really obnoxious? I’ve enjoyed Jenna as our main character less and less this season, mainly because getting what she’d always wanted in Matty has made her more insecure and neurotic than ever, and this week she spent the entire 30-minutes obsessing over what effect her happiness was having on the unhappy masses in the days leading up to Homecoming.

Thank god for Matty who, after starting as the villain of the show, has become much more likeable than his girlfriend this year. He and Jake engaged in a little Footloose homage this week, as Jake attempted to teach is friend how to dance. It didn’t work, but apparently pulling weird faces on the dance floor distracts everyone from what you’re doing with your feet. The end result was hilarious, and provided the joyous final moment in which Jenna and Matty finally let loose with each other – no worries in sight.

And Ming isn’t dead! After being MIA for a good few weeks, we finally got to see more of the Asian Mafia power-struggle between Ming and Becca. Ming is playing the long-game, which may explain why she’s been too busy to hang out with her friends (or us) all season, and goes to Sadie for advice on how the minds of queen b*tches work. While I enjoyed Becca and everything that comes along with this storyline last year, I think it needs to move forwards. After all, it’s currently the only thing Ming has going on, and their apparently isn’t enough to fill more than one episode a month.

Revealing the girl Jenna spent time worrying about to be a drug dealer just made the whole episode pointless, since Jenna didn’t have to look inside herself any longer. In her mind, she didn’t have to feel guilty about being happy because the girl she’d projected her obsession onto wasn’t actually what she thought, but she wasn’t the only tragic girl in the school that day. Jenna said she wanted to take a stand because she empathized with the single girls but, building on what we saw last week, I just think it’s because she doesn’t feel like she belongs with Matty. For so long he was what she wanted, but Matty is the only one willing to change for love.

What did you think of the episode? Will Jenna and Matty’s relationship last the season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.